Sharing your room with another person is an additional exam in life every student should pass. Nevertheless, we always meet new people in our lives and it is important to learn how to co-exist with others. There are useful tips for you on how to make your roommate your friend:

1. Getting acquainted before moving in and setting rules. Social sites are not advisable in this situation as they are not the best place to begin with. It’s better to call your future neighbor in order to discuss details about your new place of living. It is essential to talk about your habits and preferences from the real beginning, e.g. the time you get up or go to bed, listening to the loud music, etc.

2. Communication. Remember that there are no ideal people. Do not avoid discussion of those things that annoy you. Here the tone of voice and the manner you speak really matter. State your concerns clearly and calmly. This will help you to find the solution to every problem. But you should also be careful, as constant complaining will not make you good. You should not pay attention to minor drawbacks in the character of your roommate. Looking at the bright side of his or her personality will help you to form a good relationship.

3. Common interests. Your roommate is not only the person to quarrel or share space with. It also can be a good company for struggling with everyday student problems as well as having fun together. Find out your common interests. Also it is important to get interested in your roommate’s hobbies yourself. This will not only contribute to your friendship, it also will broaden your outlook.

4. Learning to compromise. Despite all the similarities in your characters, there will be also differences. Be ready for that. For instance, your roommate has a desire to throw a party in your room, while you have an important assignment for the next day – 3 pages essay on some complicated topic. By dealing with each other you can easily find the suitable way out. For instance, you can join the party and trust the writing of your paper to . In such a way all benefit from this situation, e.g. you and your roommate become real friends, you have a great opportunity to relax! Moreover, you have an excellent mark for your essay the next day!

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