There can be different situations: you leave your girlfriend or boyfriend at your hometown and go off to college; both of you have to move to different parts of the world to get education. Regardless the situation, experiencing long-distance relationships in college is rather challenging. However, suggests you some hacks to make your life and the life of your sweetheart a bit easier:

  • Make use of technology. There are numerous ways to keep in touch with the help of technology. Undoubtedly, you were using cell phone and the Internet for communication before you moved to campus. Now you will appreciate more the benefits of text and e-mail messaging, talking over the telephone and using the videocam. Those are only some ways to stay close to your far-away sweetheart mentioned. Arrange meetings online regularly and perceive them as dates. It is not advisable to cancel such meetings, as well as to forget about them.
  • Send letters. Old-fashioned mail is so touching. A handwritten message, a care package or a postcard will brighten your sweetheart’s day for sure. For people who are far away from each other, such gestures provide a kind of a physical connection between them. After all, who will mind getting a nice card or a package of sweets by mail?
  • Arrange meetings. Despite the fact that it may be expensive and hard to visit your partner who is far away, you should keep in mind that meetings are essential for keeping your relationship alive. It is important to get acquainted with his or her friends, to see the place where your beloved lives. It is advisable to go for a walk in the campus. In such a way you will get a general impression of the new life of your partner. Later, when you talk on the phone, you will be already familiar with the places and the people your partner will be talking about. Visiting demonstrates your feelings.
  • Notice details. It may seem boring to spend your limited time discussing the details of your new life, but actually they really matter. Those little thinks that may seem ridiculous actually form your identity. So go on telling about your ugly English professor, mouthwatering waffles from your campus canteen, a terribly difficult essay to write and your snoring roommate.

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