The process of getting your top quality essay or any other academic paper is simple. You complete an order form, providing us with all of the necessary details. We need to know the precise topic, the nature and amount of research required, desired length (number of pages), academic level, etc. Once the form is submitted and payment is made, the appropriate writer is assigned. You also receive a personal and secure account which you have access to any time. Your profile will allow you to communicate directly with your writer through our messaging service. It will also allow you to provide additional information or answer to your writer’s questions for more details through that account. Also, we will be able to track the progress of your orders history. That way, you will be able to retrieve every past order or message in the system. The profile also counts the number of pages you have ordered with us, which will allow you to be a member of our fidelity program! In any case, always feel free to contact our customer support staff, we will be more than happy to help you with your issue. You also have the right to inquire for FREE revision or revisions within 48 hours after deadline expiration.

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Our Process

If you need an excellent custom written paper, make these few easy steps. A few clicks and your success is only a matter of time!

1. Place your order

Fill in our simple order form and proceed with your payment. Once this has been taken care of, we start seeking an appropriate writer. If you need your paper for an urgent delivery (between 3 to 48 hours), the order is automatically passed to our staff members with the fitting specialization. And if your time frame is more than 78 hours, then your inquiry is put on the list. As soon as a willing and appropriately qualified writer chooses it, he or she will start the writing. It takes in average one or two hours before an order is assigned or chosen. Meanwhile, you are free to upload all the additional supportive documents that can be helpful or instructive for the redaction of your order. Also, you can contact your writer personally, and communicate with him through our messaging system or with the help of our customer representatives. Thanks to the direct communication system, you can monitor the writing process to make sure that the writer is on the right way in his research. In case you need any changes to be done, you are welcome to contact your writer. You are entitled to a free revision within 48 hours after order delivery.

2. Research process

Before writing your paper our writers always do a thorough research on your topic to locate the best sources and recent updates regarding the question of your essay. The research can take quite a while, so it is always better to leave a large window timeframe before the time you place your order and the delivery. The more time you give the writer, the better your paper should be. The same goes for the instructions. The more instructions you provide, the more accurate the essay will be.

3. Writing process

After the research is done, our PhD/MA writer starts working on your assignment. You can contact your writer personally, and communicate with him/her through our messaging system or with the help of the members of our customer care support team. Leave some time for them to answer, they always do. If you need any changes to be done or if you want a revision, you are welcome to contact your writer or our customer service department. However, please check your personal profile regularly for possible clarification messages from your writer.

4. Editing process

After the custom paper is written, it is sent to our proofreading specialists who will check the paper for any flaws and errors. But this is not all! Before your order is delivered, it goes through two anti-plagiarism checking programs, where our up-to-date software scans the paper for duplication and for plagiarism.

5. Download your paper

Finally, you will receive a notification email that confirms that the paper was done. Also, the paper is sent to your e-mail address and uploaded to your profile. If you think your paper wasn’t written exactly according to your demands, we offer FREE revision to meet your requirements. You can resort to a free revision in 48 hours’ timeframe after order delivery. Your essay will be kept for a year in our database, and you will have a possibility to download it any time (in case you need it for a future class).

The process of creating your work is entrusted to our professionals. Your writer/researcher will proceed with your assignment. Once he/she has completed it, the work moves to our editorial department. It is where your essay will be checked for grammar and format. At the same time, your paper will also be scanned with two of our special software programs, to ensure that it is plagiarism-free. Only when these final reviews and authenticity checks have been completed, the final paper will be delivered to you. Then, you can submit the work with confidence that you have an authentic, original dissertation crafted only for you. We are not the cheapest writing service but we are the best quality and services at an adequate price. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department by phone, email or live chat. We are available 24 hour s a day, 365 days a year!

What Our Clients Say

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Your company is professional and ethical. I never worry about anything a writer produced for me because that writer and I converse as it is written – You will have all of my business!

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