While writing an essay, you have to remember to make your reader interested and focused. Read our article to learn more about the ways to keep your reader’s preferences and desires in mind.

Good Writing Skills for Creating a Reader-Friendly Essay

  1. Read what others write. If you think that good writing skills are only about following a set of instructions, you’re wrong. When you’re writing an essay, you have to become an artist who’s looking for a fresh approach to break some new grounds. To succeed in that, form a habit of reading other writers. Do it with an analytical eye: observe your emotions and reactions (positive and negative) to some of the pieces and analyze their nature. Thus, you will learn to do the same thing with your own writing.
  2. Tell your readers where they are going. And do it in an artful way. Don’t let your essay distract or annoy your reader. To make the ride over your essay enjoyable, remain creative and precise throughout your narration, and describe the heart of your writing in its very beginning to interest your reader.
  3. Don’t pretend to be perfect. Learn to look at your essay from a healthy distance. When it is a personal essay about your life, you shouldn’t describe yourself as a cardboard character to avoid making your reader doubt your words. Don’t let them have a slightest feeling that any of your statements are false.
  4. Don’t be too personal. If you want to share your sincere emotions, do it carefully. Most likely, your reader won’t be interested in reading the details about your heartbreaking times. After all, most of them don’t even know you or the people involved in your story. Remember that it’s an essay, not a novel.
  5. Treat your reader properly. Take a step outside your thoughts and recall the fact that your audience is made up of real people. These people aren’t by default excited to read your writing. In the meantime, they have hearts. You have to value your readers, strive to enrich their life and gladden them with your essay.

Writing a Great College Essay: Easy Tips

It’s a well-known fact that many applicants don’t submit their applications until the deadline comes. Even those who seem to be very responsible and hard-working still can procrastinate. I’ve prepared a few essential pieces of advice that will undoubtedly help you in writing a college essay and receiving a high grade. Let’s get it started!

How to Write the Best College Essay?

  1. During the writing process, it is very important to concentrate on yourself. Frankly speaking, I’ve discovered that a lot of high school students find it hard to become self-centered while completing an essay task. They frequently try to write about another person, their experience, or activity they enjoy, but the requirement is to write regarding your personality, tastes, and interests. You don’t need to focus on the grandmother you adore or on your favorite friend. Of course, these people might be a starting point to describe yourself, but they shouldn’t be the main emphasis. Are you a good teammate? Is it interesting to communicate with you? You’d rather use these areas as the chief ones instead of the sport, your grandmother, or a friend.
  2. What about other writing ideas to use? You should talk about yourself giving lots of details. In my opinion, you have only two choices discussing a topic of your college essay. They are: going broad or going deep. For instance, if you want to tell that you have a huge interest in art history, you can write that you have already visited several museums and enjoyed it.
  3. Your way and tone of writing should be the same as of your speaking. Don’t pretend that you are anyone else. If your relatives, friends, or teachers think of you as of an outgoing and happy-go-lucky person, don’t use a strict, formal tone. Simply stating that you are this or that kind of personality is not enough. Your essay is required to have some proofs.
  4. I think, only two people, not more, can edit your essay. Why? Your composition might lose YOU if too many people with different points of view check your piece of work. Yes, they may edit all grammar, spelling, and lexical mistakes, but this is quite boring and not interesting to read. So, your essay should be read by a person who knows you inside out and by an experienced writer.

Now, you know how to write a good essay and interest your reader. Go ahead and do it!

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