At different stages of the educational path, students do not always receive direct instructions on how to find an appropriate research subject and make a nice paper out of it. Despite the fact that there are some tips, such an assignment remains to be a daunting task. It looks more like gathering some pieces of information every here and there rather than a complex and organized work on scientific material. Not aiming at some exact results, many student feel disoriented and puzzled. Consequently, they end up in dissatisfaction and with the lack of motivation.

To stop such an endless circle, we have compiled a list of research tips and a kind of a research paper template for those who struggle with writing a scientific paper. These tips will teach you how to do academic research and how to research effectively. Following the ideas presented and adding your effort might work for the college undergraduates. Learn not to waste your time on some pointless tasks and not to fall behind with all the workload.

Foremost, you should know how to find the best research option for you and the needed data. While the previous statement may sound quite controversial, you’ll change your mind after adjusting this idea to your own practice. These pieces of advice may be advantageous for students of various educational institutions, for example, high schools, colleges, etc.

Research Tips for Students

  1. Getting ready: Select a topic, state the questions to be answered through the research and begin a research journal.
  2. Brainstorm possible keywords: You have to define the spectrum of the related words and concepts.
  3. Refer to the works of leading authorities in the field: You’ll definitely need to have background information and the results of already existing explorations.
  4. Decide on the base for your research.
  5. Have a look at the other papers discussing the same problem.
  6. Reread the list of your questions.
  7. Be ready for a long-lasting and demanding process.

If you have already been assigned a task, it is a high time to start the work. Forget about procrastination and put forward a target to do academic research as quickly as you can. Be prepared to spend long hours in libraries. What is great, you may use a very convenient American Interlibrary Service. Even if there is no needed resource in a local library, they can request it from another one. Of course, you’ll will need to wait in this case, but the final result is worth it.

Step 1: Getting Ready

At the beginning, decide on the subject for your writing. There are many chances you will choose from the range of material you are already aware about. Try to be flexible and do not stuck on the things, which do not have an appropriate material base.

Example: Do clothes still have a strong effect on the way women are perceived in the working place?

Tip: Be creative and at the same time pragmatical. The topic should catch the attention of the reader, but it also should not be too much sophisticated and puzzling. Your professor will certainly give you a couple of ideas to think about. Do not neglect these recommendations, experts in the sphere are more experienced and may lead you very effectively through your research work.

The next important point is writing a list of questions, which will serve to some extend as an initial plan for the paper and may be really helpful.  Additionally, it will give you a possibility to have a constant look at your progress and not to go off track from the problem you need resolve.

Example: What are the typical dress-code requirements at the working place? What do women tend to wear most often? What do men usually wear?

 Step 2: Brainstorm Possible Keywords

If you are the fresher in the field and it is extremely difficult for you to make some sense out of your topic, then begin with gathering related ideas. Keywords are a kind of a skeleton to the main body of the writing. The common techniques could be broadening the topic as well as tightening it.

Step 3: Refer to the Works of Leading Authorities in the Field

It is totally impossible to write the theoretical part of the paper without using already existing scientific works of experts in the sphere. It is general advice for everybody no matter which topic you are writing about. Moreover, you could cite some nice ideas which would work for your argumentation. On average, you should use at least four authors, but do not forget to mention them in your bibliography.

Step 4: Decide on the Base for Your Research

It is a very important thing to determine the exact base for your research. Compile a list of the most valuable sources, which you could use. For example, some dissertations, books, websites, etc. You should also have a look at some unpublished work of the professors and this way, you may find something truly worthy.

Finally, pay attention to researching close topics. After it, you may come up with some ideas or at least you will be able to add some more items to your bibliography lists. Return to you plan and edit it if you feel like something’s wrong. In the course of work, you should be objective and patient as it requires much time and devotion.

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