Americans celebrate Independence Day on The Fourth of July on Tuesday

Why do Americans celebrate it on 4 July? This day is very important for the country historically, as it symbolizes the first attempt of independence from British colonies. The way was not so easy and bright as many contemporary American inhabitants could think. Long years of war and struggle came along with the wish to be owners on their land. Anywhere, let’s think about positive and fun, which associates with this holiday nowadays.

Why it is on 4th of July?

The fourth of July is a date when the Declaration of Independence was voted for. At first, some politics insisted on the 2nd of July as it was the day it was written, but too many circumstances declared it should be exactly the 4th of July. The most interesting of them is that three of the five first American Presidents passed this day. The 4th of July also is the death date for John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two of five authors of the Declaration of Independence.

What history tells?

Since 1587 thirteen American colonies were run by Britain and exported their goods to the European continent. They were New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Providence Plantations, Georgia, Massachusetts Bay, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maryland.
Sooner the sense of nationalism in the colonies began to grow. The tension between settlers and Britain rose when additional taxes and Sugar Law were singed. In 1765 the struggle for American independence began. Firstly it went together with slogan “no taxation without presentation,” later it assisted with three Congress meetings. The last resulted in Declaration of Independence consolidation and proclamation. It happened on 4th July 1776. Since that day the conflict flared up and continued till the Treaty of Paris, 1783, which ended the war in favor of America.

What is traditional Celebration like?

Americans are used to celebrate Independence Day loudly and funny. There are always a lot of fireworks, parades, parties, festivals. All they are accompanied by music, which commemorates the struggle for Independence. It is “Psalm of Joy”. Johann Friedrich Peter wrote it in Salem City, North Carolina.

The 4th of July is a day for American families to come together, play, have fun and barbecue. The evening sky is bright with fancy firework shows. Everyone has a day off and enjoys personal and national independence.

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