At school you are taught math, history and science, however, none of us is taught how to understand and deal with our own emotions as well as the emotions of others. There is no denying the fact that those skills are valuable.
Emotional intelligence is a notion the psychologists use to describe the ways individuals manage their emotions as well as the ways they react to other people’s emotions. People who possess emotional intelligence usually are good at resolving conflicts, understanding and responding to the needs of others and keeping their emotions from showing and disrupting their lives.
Exploring emotional intelligence is a relatively new field of psychology as it dates back to the mid-80s. There are several models currently developing, but suggests you to get acquainted with the “mixed model” by the psychologist Daniel Goleman. The above mentioned model covers five main areas:

  • Self-awareness means knowing your feelings, e g., your capabilities, when you need help and your emotional triggers.
  • Self-management means being able to control your emotions when they become disruptive. It implies control over outbursts, discussing disagreements calmly and avoiding undermining situations as panic or self-pity.
  • Motivation, according to Goleman’s model, does not mean motivation rewards like status or money. The thing is about curiosity, personal joy and the satisfaction from being productive as key motivation rewards for taking action.
  • Empathy. On the contrary to the three listed above categories, which deal with person’s own emotions, empathy deals with reading and responding appropriately to the emotions of others.
  • Social skills category implies using of empathy and negotiating the needs of other people with your own. This may include looking for common ground with other people, being persuasive, managing others in a work environment, etc.

The order of the mentioned above competencies does not matter, as we learn all this skills simultaneously when we grow up. Emotional intelligence is not the area that people receive formal training in, but it would be enough to pay attention to the mentioned above five aspects in everyday life to grow up as an emotionally intelligent person. More information on emotional intelligence can be found here. By the way, the professionals at are intelligent enough to write you the best essays and research papers ever.

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