It Takes Two (part 2)

Ending a romantic relationship depends on the people involved for instance friends, relatives and in some relationships parents. However, parents have no authority over their sons or daughters in marital or friendship relationship but only act as guards through offering their pieces of advice. While ending a romantic relationship mutual understanding and communication must prevail to avoid future coincidences. Coincidences have occurred especially when a partner was left stranded. Left stranded but one day when this other former partner is conducting a wedding, it is disrupted and fights ensue when the other party especially women fight hard to spoil the party o a former friend who left her in suspend only to resurface and marrying another woman.

One main step to terminate a relationship is to understand and analyze what brought two people together, have they achieved or they are struggling to achieve and if the reasons that brought them together can not be achieved, then it is wise to terminate this romantic relationship. One bold step is to tell the other partner that they are not the path of achieving what will glue the relationship. If one can not say this straight, then it is wise to use an intermediary like a friend or counselor in that matter. At first it is not wise to talk directly but suspense can be in application to prepare for a soft landing for the shock of the year i.e. ending once a flourishing relationship. It is hard but points as to why en end is necessary must be clear and delivered at the right time. A phone call to end a relationship is not wise and ethical; therefore, phone calls may be only necessary especially when partners are far apart like different far countries. In such a case truth is best as (Marshall and Baildam 177) note that, “make it a motto to speak the truth in love”. Speaking the truth will set every partner free no matter what these people are undergoing. It must be remembered that treatment of the other partner with respect is always important. In cases of ending a romantic relationship that involves close members of a family for example cousins, parents should be involved to highlight the consequences of this relationship and consequently offer their intellect and counsel because this kind of relationship must be terminated.

The aforementioned steps to end romantic relationships must be followed to avoid future or later embarrassments. If they are not followed, then hatred is propped up among friends and families. A very good instance of hatred is when weddings are interrupted by former friends because their relationships were ended in an unsatisfactorily manner.


Relationships are very important and all people are what they are because of them. Although there are at times that relationships are ended, it must be done with wisdom to maintain the respect of others. Ending romantic relationships may involve other people like parents to offer their pieces of advice. There have very romantic relationships that have been terminated respectfully and through mutual understanding of both parties but they end being very good friend thereafter. It is possible that this other partner in an ended relationship attends the wedding of the other. Love plays a significant role in building and ending romantic relationships.

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