Judaism and Hinduism are two one of the biggest practiced religions. Hinduism is basically practiced in India and Judaism in various parts of the world. Both have a very long history into the making. There are very much contradictions in both the religions. Judaism religion followers follow the book Torah for their religious learning and guidance and are strict believers in the guidelines that are provided to them whereas Judaism follows many books that have been written by various gods. One of the main differences between these two religions is the ideology of god. Jews are the children of Israel who was the Prophet of God and they believe in one God for all the praying and following they do. They follow the law that was preached by Israel, the Prophet of God whereas there are many gods in the Hinduism. Hinduism basically prevailed through different periods of time when one of their elders became pious and preached the good things to his teacher. Krishna is considered as their biggest god who had different powers that can be used for different purposes. Krishna has provided his followers with the virtues of life and provided the differences between the choice of good and evil. The Gita was the book written by Bhagavad Gita who was the student of Krishna in which he described the teachings of Krishna given to Arjun on a battlefield. The book portrays some rules of life that must be met in order to become loveable by gods. Hindus have other gods as well. In fact they have divided gods according to the need and time and constitute around hundreds of them. Some of the most followed gods are Krishna, Brahman, Vishnu, Shiva etc. In all these gods Brahman is the most powerful and has the meaning of only one god in the Hinduism whereas the Krishna and other are there to provide different teachings accordingly. In Judaism there is only one God who is the creator of the world and to follow Him Jews have to follow the teachings of Israel. The Book of Job states all these facts in which the Job always tries to live without any sins and have tried to live according to the teachings. The Book of Job also states the reasons of punishments and rewards that are given to the people by their God. In fact, it is made clear that the God has the power to make right and wrong and if He is the Creator He is the Taker too and there are no limitations on what he has to do or what He wants to do. Moreover there are various temples in the Hinduism religion which are the houses of the gods. In Hinduism the gods are described as the humans because it is how they have experienced the life and have put forward the golden rules that must be experienced by the followers. When it comes to the discussions there have been debates on what religion is right or wrong there are no answers. The main religions who follow the Book of God are the Christians, Muslims and Jews and all of them look towards the God as only one but in Hinduism as the number of pious men increased and as they wrote books the number of the gods also increased.

The Gita and Book of Job provide a relative insight of the preaching and teachings of both Hinduism and Judaism respectively. Both books portray the basic teachings and followings that have to be practiced to remain within the domain of their religions.

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