This holiday is a day to honor a man who gave hope to America, Martin Luther King Jr. It is the commemoration of justice, dignity, service, compassion, courage, truth, and all the values that he brought to the people of America.

The meaning of King Day

Martin Luther King Day is a day to recall such fundamental issues as forgiveness, love, and kindness, because these are the basics that empower people to positive changes. Due to his vision and voice, Martin Luther King made the profound changes in the history of America.

To make others believe in his words, he proved them with his deeds. This man of action devoted his life to justice and freedom. On this day, America commemorates a man, who made his best to make democracy real.

Basic principles Martin Luther King stood for are justice, freedom, peace, racial equality, tolerance, non-violence, love, unity, faith, and kindness.

Martin Luther was convinced that every kid in the country should have a home, a place where he or she can gain peace. He dreamt of peaceful collaboration and co-existence of many nations. This day is considered as the one of sharing and cooperation between the cultures, nations, and races.

Martin Luther is a man who proclaimed the basics of love, faith, and unity.

It is a great patriotic holiday that honors the man who can be called a national hero. He stood for non-violence, equity, and justice for every single person in the country regardless of their race, religion, and class. This can be considered as the day of the triumph of equality over the poverty, misunderstandings, stereotypes, racism, and war.

Martin Luther King tried to introduce the new and kind basics of human existence by non-violent means. So on this day, let us honor the man who has been to jail nearly 29 times because of the beliefs that he proclaimed. On this day, all Americans recall his teachings, do trainings, and develop the ideas of Martin Luther King to pass them over to the following generations.