Learning English Can Be a Real Fun

Non-native English speakers might find learning English a terribly boring thing. Just think of all these endless exercises and assignments, which often do not bring any result. However, learning English is not all about textbooks, essays, and tests. There are other ways to improve you language skills – much more fruitful and really fun! Don’t believe it?

Check out the tips below:

Of course, the best way to master the English language is direct exposure to an English speaking environment. Make sure you do not miss any opportunity to participate in a British student exchange program or go on holiday to the US. Nothing beats chatting with native English speakers.

  • Watching English films is another great method

Choose films with subtitles if you are a complete beginner. This way it will be much easier for you to take in spoken English. For advanced English learners it is advisable to watch movies without subtitles.

  • Sign up to English forums

Unlike academic textbooks, forums are a real fount of everyday spoken English. You will express yourself in English much better after a month or two of chatting on a forum. Not to mention that people there can often give you valuable advice on important matters, such as resources you can turn to for writing help when you’re struggling with an essay – e.g. .

  • Don’t forget about English songs

Surely it is more fun to sing along to your favorite song than doing boring listening exercises from your textbook? If you can’t make out some words yet, look up the song lyrics online (now that there are heaps of lyrics databases on the web). You will understand more and more with time, and finally you will be able to discern every single word in any song you hear.

  • Do you use Skype everyday to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest?

The obvious answer is yes. But did you know that Skype is one of the most effective means of learning English? Just get to know a native speaker and talk to him/her regularly about everyday topics. Studies, occupation, hobbies, weather, fashion, music and movie preferences, etc. – anything will do. In fact, this method stands pretty close to being in an English speaking environment.

You should by no means forget about English grammar exercises, dictionaries and English literature. And if you combine these with the tips given above, you’ll make great progress real soon!

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