Crafting a Literary Analysis Essay

Writing a literary analysis essay assumes much freedom as it encourages you to think about events and people from the standpoint of a viewer. Literary analysis essays are concerned with a short story, poem, play or novel, so you can also treat it as creative experience. You can come up with your unique assumptions as long as they are reasonable and do not contradict the story you analyze. Remember that any literary analysis essay comes as a result of your own critical thinking, and you can get a sense of expressing your own opinion by viewing literary analysis essay examples as a starting point of your assignment.

In contrast to regular conversation or classroom discussion, literary analysis essay should follow specific rules of development which require your strict organization and control. You must express your central idea – thesis – in the introduction paragraph; thesis will govern your discussion development. You should develop your central idea in several paragraphs and come to a logical conclusion. Browsing through literary analysis essay samples or can provide a valuable insight about the style of discussion

When writing your literary analysis essay you need to be familiar with structural components of literary analysis. They can be seen as the author’s craft, in other words, devices and ideas that combine the story together. Some of the most significant of them are theme, plot, characters, narrative (point of view), irony, tone, setting and others. For example, symbols and images are used by the author to evoke emotional responses. Plot may employ tools such as conflict, flashbacks, exposition, crisis, suspense or foreshadowing to make the story more interesting. Character can be expressed in terms such as protagonist, antagonist, minor character, static character, dynamic character, and characterization.

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Literary analysis essays typically follow MLA formatting guidelines. However, you may be asked to adhere to APA or other citation style. You should also utilize credible scholarly sources to support your arguments. Your citations must correlate with the references list that you need to specify in the end of assignment. You can refer to our literary analysis essay samples to gain general impression of formatting requirements.

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