Choosing perfect accommodation is a very challenging stage of the educational process.

First, you need to assess the benefits and shortcomings of all possible options, and then make the right choice. Since this choice is truly important, you need to understand what you want even before starting the application process. If you decide to study at Bellerbys, apart from living on campus or renting the apartment, you can live with a host family.

Indeed, it seems the most attractive option since it offers multiple opportunities for students. The families participating in this program are carefully chosen so that they could provide the student with everything he needs. Apart from the things of primary importance, these families provide support and supervision to ensure safety and comfort for the individuals who come to them from different countries.

Although staying at the host family is the most comfortable solution for all international students, you need to evaluate all possible advantages and disadvantages of such option.

The advantages of living with a host family

  1. You can improve your learning skills.
    The language barrier is the most terrible challenge for every student, but living with a host family, you can overcome it quite successfully. All you need to do it to communicate with your host parents. They will be glad to help you with perfecting your skills. The language you learn in your educational institution is sufficient enough for your academic needs, but it is not sufficient in daily conversations. In a host family, you will be able to understand the idioms and slang used in the everyday conversations, which is particularly important in learning any language.
  2. You can immerse in the local culture.
    Undoubtedly, the process of assimilation in the new environment will turn smoother when living with a host family since these people will explain the key peculiarities of the local culture so that you could avoid confusing situations.  When living like a local, your will be able to absorb new information about the community you live in.
  3. You do not have to worry about housekeeping
    Doing laundry or cleaning the house may be quite a daunting task especially when you are tired after classes. Living with a host family, you do not need to worry about these things.
  4. You can save your money.
    Usually, the students choose to live with a host family since this option helps them to economize their money. Undoubtedly, they spend much money on transportation, but they do not have to pay for multiple services, which is exciting. Having proper meals, laundry, and cleaning the room for free make living with a host family the best option for international students.

Undoubtedly, along with multiple benefits, there are a few shortcomings such as transportation, the lack of privacy, passive interaction with your friends, as well as following the rules set in the family. However, if you are a diligent student who wants to focus on the educational process, this choice is just for you!

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