Major league Soccer (part 1)

Major League Soccer is the main soccer league in the United States which was established in 1993 in order for the preparations and the requirements of the 1994 world cup which held in US. The Major League Soccer is originally based on the idea of the English Premier League in UK which is the biggest football league in the world. Major League Soccer had its first season in 1996. The matches of the MLS start from late March to early April and continue till November. In order for the teams to take part they have to play MLS Cup Playoffs after which the highest ranking teams enter the MLS. There are around 30 matches which every team has to play before deciding the winner. Currently Major League Soccer has a format of 15 teams of which 14 are from USA and 1 from Canada.

There were only 10 teams in the beginning season of Major League Soccer which took place in 1996. The DC United emerged as the best team in three of first four of the competitions and was regarded as the giant in MLS. Things haven’t been smooth for MLS afterwards. Various criticisms started to go against the caliber of Major League Soccer because of the non availability of good results. The early departure from the 1998 world cup was very disgusting for the people of US and the organizers of Major League Soccer because after investing so much in the league they were still unable to get the results in the national league. The crowed attendance also went down considerable causing shocking decrease in the profits and a time also came when this whole project was thought to being shut down.

In this time of distress, the organizers of Major League Soccer thought to change the plans about their league. The fresh talent was chosen to work with relatively old aged experienced players to provide those required skills and techniques that had been missing in them in the national matches. In the meantime various players also made names for themselves including Eddie Pope, Landon Donovan, Clint Mathis and Brian McBride who continued to show their worth in this format of the game and helped Major League Soccer to at least stand on its feet for sometime.

The league also saw many administration changes during the late 1990s years when the commissioner lost its place due to financial problems which hit Major League Soccer. Don Garber took the new place as commissioner and started to make sudden changes in the overall interest of the game by forming specific stadiums for the clubs. The two main financial sponsors were Lamar Hunt and Phil Anschutz who stood tall with the Major League Soccer all the times.

The league was had lost its main purpose as the time passed. There was no improvement seen in the fresh talents of the country. Inclusion of the international players was healthy but the grooming of the youth was not happening. Due to certain events which caused low attendance and financial losses, the number of the teams against reduced to 10.

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