Major league Soccer (part 2)

The year of 2002 is considered as the resurgence period of the soccer in the US when the US international team made it through the quarterfinals and by beating the teams like Portugal and Mexico, the trend of Soccer again started in the US soccer fields. At the same time, the Los Angeles Galaxy turned up as the best in Major League Soccer. Having some international stars from the national team and a good exposure from the youth allowed them to win their first title in 2002. This was not all. This season also triggered the attendance records for the matches and highest of them was seen in the final which was won by Los Angeles Galaxy. Until around 2006, Major League Soccer saw major shifting around in its teams approach. The MLS went international with inclusion of some international players and also some home players went to the leagues in Europe where they were able to perform very good as compared to what they showed in Major League Soccer stating the fact that the Major League Soccer is still not be compete the internal standard of competitions.

After 2006, Major League Soccer critically analyzed the way the soccer played in US. The reasons were found out that why still after 10 years of existence, MLS has not been able to put his mark on the international and the national market. It was found that on one hand the salaries of players are not much. Then there are other sports like Basket Ball and Football are more popular in US and in order to gain popularity in US they have to take some serious shifting steps in the structure of Major League Soccer. In doing so, the first step was of the arranging of a competition with the Mexican teams from the players of the MLS. This was the step to internationalize the soccer in US to attract audience. The results mattered most because when the MLS won in the Mexico they saw a major shift in the behaviors of the people in the US towards soccer. The SuperLiga 2007 was the first event that took place between the Mexican and US club teams and right after that it became a big success in both the countries. The rivalry between the US and Mexico defined new doors for the soccer in US. In order to attract more, Los Angeles Galaxy has been the superstar in its approach. The Galaxy team has been able to conquer all the major tournaments in the US. Also in order to make more people entering into the soccer, a major step was taken by the Los Angeles Galaxy when they bought David Beckham. David Beckham has been an inspirational source for all the sports persons and this step was taken also in the sense to make more people come to the stadiums and see him. This name popularized MLS all around the world including US and the standards of MLS suddenly went upwards with results mattering much less.

No matter how much problems Major League Soccer has seen in its existence it is fair to say that the market of US never allowed it to become popular because of some other sports structure like NBA and NFL present in this country where the following is in millions. Starting a new venture like MLS requires time and critical management which MLS is doing, may not be that successfully but still doing it in good ways.

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