At this current moment of time the whole world has entered into such disputes and conflicts that are causing bloodshed in every sense of its meaning. With conflicts arising ever so often, the need for the permanent peace is inevitable. Situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, conflicts of Kashmir and other require ultimate formal solution on which lives of several are based upon. Above all these issues, the Middle East have been the main center of dispute and involve all the Arabian and Muslim countries in the Israel and Palestine. Right after the World War II the fights begin to happen in the western part of Asia with Palestinian fighting against the Jews for their land and freedom. After 1948 deadly wars originated in the Palestine and in the end with due intervention of United Nations Israel came into being in 1967 (Holliday, 1999). With the effect of the treaty between them, Israel gained control of the land of Palestine and got a separate place where Jews could live with freedom (Gelvin, 2007).

This situation is not that simple. Over the course of time the conflict has emerged as the most notable case on the United Nations and it has also been failed to resolute this conflict. The demands of both are so contradictory in nature and as both the parties are not backing up has made the problem has become far more difficult. Palestinians are the Muslims and are strong believers. After defining of borders in 1967 it was imperative that UN should take extra care in devising further policies which don’t allow Israel to work against Palestine. But with the passage of time Israel with the support of Unites States has been able to dictate terms and conditions on the Palestinian soil with firm grip on all the major resources of Palestine (Holliday, 1999). Sometimes when we go over the media it becomes difficult to find out who is the real culprit. Israel with all the weapons and army support from US has been able to violate the international border many times just to enter into Palestine and kill innocent people (Gelvin, 2007). No one has been able to disrupt the stance and power of Israel with unknown reasons.

There are two different opinions in the world currently but majority believes that the Israel has taken extreme measures against the armless Palestinians. Palestinians are known as terrorists. But it is just a statement that has been put on media just because of the political backgrounds full of lies. Throwing of stones to the Israeli army has made the Palestinians terrorists and no one takes the power to say that from where Israel has all those nuclear and other weapons (Finkelstein, 2003). They are using their weapons on helpless Palestinians and when Palestinians respond they are called terrorists. This gesture of the world make us only to believe that there is no reason in the setting up of United Nations and the power of US is just against the poor and those who are against them (Gelvin, 2007).

There are different views and requirements from both sides which must be compromised upon in order to settle for peace. It has to be understood that this conflict should be resolved at the earliest because of the fact that there are many countries in the Middle East that are highly influenced by these conflicts. In fact over the passage of time Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan all have been affected by strikes from Israel due to various reasons (Finkelstein, 2003). Moreover, the Jerusalem is the holy place for Muslims as well as Jews and Christians so when the reason becomes religious all the Muslims can reunite to fight against the Israel (Selby, 2004). The better would be to go for resolution as soon as possible.

Palestinians have demands all according to the UN Security Council suggestions. They demand that they should be given full freedom with all the borders that were in 1967. They say that when the international borders have been decided what is the reason for Israel to cross those borders without UN taking any serious steps in stopping it (Finkelstein, 2003). They demand that they should be given the control of Eastern Jerusalem at every cost because it was decided in the UN resolution that the control of East Jerusalem will be always for the Palestine. Moreover their other legal demand is that the Israeli forces should leave the Palestinian territory as soon as possible because being a free country they don’t want any other country’s forces to invade their country whenever they want (Holliday, 1999). And in the end they also want that the refugees should move back to their homes those were forced to leave from Israel. On the neutral point of view, we can all see that they are talking about their rights which should be given to them at all costs. They are only asking for their rights which have been decided for them in 1967. Even in 1967 they are treated with injustice but still they have managed to understand the truth of the situation. Israelis have been able to control all the major cities of Palestine in order to cope with the terrorism (Holliday, 1999). They have been ever so increasing their territory by forcing Palestinians backward. They have made the people of those areas to leave their homes and property as well. Any protests from them have been dealt with killing and abusing in various ways (Harms, 2008). The control of the water has been taken away from them and in this situation we are observing that UN and USA who always try to be the good guys have always been supporting Israel against these things and in fact they haven’t even tried the counter strike against Israel as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. If they are unable to resolve this clear issue, there is no question of the existence of UN when it can’t do anything.

In the meantime various discussions have taken place between the leaders of both countries and Israel has sometimes agreed to free the Palestinian but they have not given any deadline. Moreover, the meaning of freedom is quite different in the Israeli dictionary where they still want their forces to control the major security of the areas (Ismael, 2006). This thing has made things even worst. Hamas, the religious group fighting for the freedom is always trying to take extreme actions against the Israeli forces and people against the terror attacks by the Israeli forces that would kill innocent people of Palestine (Selby, 2004). These kinds of suggestions have made Palestinians to realize that Israel is not serious in the approach towards peace. Only one leader of Israel Ehad Barak has seemed too tried for the peace when he started negotiations with the Palestinians for the control of East Jerusalem but right after this suggestion he was taken off being as a prime minister. His successor Ariel Sharon is considered as the extremist towards Muslims and he again tried to play with word on the expense of power (Ciment, 1997). Ending of the Israeli occupation in Palestine is out of question because of the issues of security of Israel. Israel has made clear that it will take all the steps for the security which requires their troops to stay in Palestine still after they are given the status of independent state (Ciment, 1997). Hamas at this point takes the initiative to dismiss the talks when deem appropriate due to the mishandling of serious issues like this. No state can think of being controlled by their enemies (Ismael, 2006). These kinds of issues have made the conflict more and harder for both the countries. Palestinians also want that the refugees that belong from the Israeli land should return back to their homes as it was Israel who forced them out. This thing is out of question from Israeli point of view because of the fact that it will then not be the place for the Jews to live as Jews, it will become a mixture of Jews and Muslims and it is intolerable for them (Harms, 2008). The hard stance from the Israel is the extreme level of injustice and a course of terror with the innocent people who are not able to stand for themselves when their children are killed in front of them. The level of hatred has grown so high that most of the Palestinians just want war and support Hamas because of its actions against Israel in their own language.

Also as viewed by the Israel the steps of Barak were quite negotiable. Though they didn’t supported those steps but they still portrayed his suggestions for negotiations like this and Palestinians knew the situation and knew the meaning of what kind of freedom and control they are talking about. Whenever Israel did so, they were able to respond violently by killing Israelis whenever possible igniting the whole issue again on the international level.

The demands of Israel are contradictory to those of Palestine clearly. Israel states that it will give the borders of Palestine which are currently in place. That is they will not leave any part of the land which they have controlled illegally and there will be nothing like 1967 in those borders. Their other demand is to get the full control of the Jerusalem because it is their holy city as well and they don’t want any Muslims there (Harms, 2008). This again is the total contradiction to the demands of Muslims and so called UN because by doing this Israel is going against the UN resolution but there is no one to ask Israel why is this happening. Moreover, Israelis also want to have enough control of security in Palestine in order to cope up with the security and terrorism activity against Israel and this again is out of question from Palestinian point of view (Ismael, 2006). Other main demand of the Israel is that it will not allow the Palestinian refugees to enter Israel as they are not the part of their religion and their community. All these demands from both sides clearly define the stance of Israel on this conflict. Israel has been continuously destroying the charter of UN and USA always supports it.

Recent event of battles and wars have continue to take place in Palestine. The last major strike from Israel killed around 800 innocent people including many children who were very young and infant as well. Many people lost their loved ones in these strikes which were carried by Israel as the result of the missile strikes by Hamas on Israel which killed two soldiers. The whole story is quite differently exposed all the way. Hamas has been continuously stating that it will be taking extreme actions against Israel whenever possible and that is only what they can do because of the fact that they know they will be killed after all then why not die fighting against those who are responsible for the killing of their own people (Bouillon, 2004).

Air strikes of Israel

Conflicts of Palestine and Israel has also spread to the Lebanon when Israel started air strikes in various areas of Beirut and its suburbs just because of the doubts that stated the presence of Hamas individual (Ismael, 2006). These air strikes killed many people without any reason. The whole scenario of the situation clearly provide us with facts that who is wrong and who is right and how the powerful people of the world are doing in the interest of peace and sovereignty of those who can’t fight. UN and USA have been mere spectators when the people were being killed in Palestine and Lebanon. All the Veto forces still vote against Hamas after these kinds of injustice with the poor people of Palestine (Bouillon, 2004). Full throttle attacks are being configured towards Hamas and the protestors who have stones to throw at them with addition to some low level weapons (Bennis, 2008). They are not even allowed to resist against the Israelis because if they do so they are terrorist. What kind of the world we are living in where no one sees the real scenes of death and bloodshed. People and leaders say about the roadmap and peace in the region. Whoever says this is betraying him because these are just political statements. No one has taken any steps to minimize the sufferings of the people of Palestine who everyday see their loved ones dying in front of them. People talk about the terrorism but they totally forget about the actions of Israel which are the start of the response (Arikat, 2005). The response is tagged as the terror act and the Israeli force attacks are tagged as the attacks for the security of Israel against the terrorists. The double standards of the world are costing millions of people to lose their home, money, food and their relatives to die and most importantly they die in their own country (Bennis, 2008). There are still many things to happen in this region. The peace process will start and finish with no results and to believe in the suggestions and recommendations from the Israel are mere propagandas which will never make them successful in this fight (Arikat, 2005).

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