Middle east (part 1)

At this current moment of time the whole world has entered into such disputes and conflicts that are causing bloodshed in every sense of its meaning. With conflicts arising ever so often, the need for the permanent peace is inevitable. Situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, conflicts of Kashmir and other require ultimate formal solution on which lives of several are based upon. Above all these issues, the Middle East have been the main center of dispute and involve all the Arabian and Muslim countries in the Israel and Palestine. Right after the World War II the fights begin to happen in the western part of Asia with Palestinian fighting against the Jews for their land and freedom. After 1948 deadly wars originated in the Palestine and in the end with due intervention of United Nations Israel came into being in 1967 (Holliday, 1999). With the effect of the treaty between them, Israel gained control of the land of Palestine and got a separate place where Jews could live with freedom (Gelvin, 2007).

This situation is not that simple. Over the course of time the conflict has emerged as the most notable case on the United Nations and it has also been failed to resolute this conflict. The demands of both are so contradictory in nature and as both the parties are not backing up has made the problem has become far more difficult. Palestinians are the Muslims and are strong believers. After defining of borders in 1967 it was imperative that UN should take extra care in devising further policies which don’t allow Israel to work against Palestine. But with the passage of time Israel with the support of Unites States has been able to dictate terms and conditions on the Palestinian soil with firm grip on all the major resources of Palestine (Holliday, 1999). Sometimes when we go over the media it becomes difficult to find out who is the real culprit. Israel with all the weapons and army support from US has been able to violate the international border many times just to enter into Palestine and kill innocent people (Gelvin, 2007). No one has been able to disrupt the stance and power of Israel with unknown reasons.

There are two different opinions in the world currently but majority believes that the Israel has taken extreme measures against the armless Palestinians. Palestinians are known as terrorists. But it is just a statement that has been put on media just because of the political backgrounds full of lies. Throwing of stones to the Israeli army has made the Palestinians terrorists and no one takes the power to say that from where Israel has all those nuclear and other weapons (Finkelstein, 2003). They are using their weapons on helpless Palestinians and when Palestinians respond they are called terrorists. This gesture of the world make us only to believe that there is no reason in the setting up of United Nations and the power of US is just against the poor and those who are against them (Gelvin, 2007).

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