Middle east (part 3)

Also as viewed by the Israel the steps of Barak were quite negotiable. Though they didn’t supported those steps but they still portrayed his suggestions for negotiations like this and Palestinians knew the situation and knew the meaning of what kind of freedom and control they are talking about. Whenever Israel did so, they were able to respond violently by killing Israelis whenever possible igniting the whole issue again on the international level.

The demands of Israel are contradictory to those of Palestine clearly. Israel states that it will give the borders of Palestine which are currently in place. That is they will not leave any part of the land which they have controlled illegally and there will be nothing like 1967 in those borders. Their other demand is to get the full control of the Jerusalem because it is their holy city as well and they don’t want any Muslims there (Harms, 2008). This again is the total contradiction to the demands of Muslims and so called UN because by doing this Israel is going against the UN resolution but there is no one to ask Israel why is this happening. Moreover, Israelis also want to have enough control of security in Palestine in order to cope up with the security and terrorism activity against Israel and this again is out of question from Palestinian point of view (Ismael, 2006). Other main demand of the Israel is that it will not allow the Palestinian refugees to enter Israel as they are not the part of their religion and their community. All these demands from both sides clearly define the stance of Israel on this conflict. Israel has been continuously destroying the charter of UN and USA always supports it.

Recent event of battles and wars have continue to take place in Palestine. The last major strike from Israel killed around 800 innocent people including many children who were very young and infant as well. Many people lost their loved ones in these strikes which were carried by Israel as the result of the missile strikes by Hamas on Israel which killed two soldiers. The whole story is quite differently exposed all the way. Hamas has been continuously stating that it will be taking extreme actions against Israel whenever possible and that is only what they can do because of the fact that they know they will be killed after all then why not die fighting against those who are responsible for the killing of their own people (Bouillon, 2004).

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