Middle east (part 4)

Air strikes of Israel

Conflicts of Palestine and Israel has also spread to the Lebanon when Israel started air strikes in various areas of Beirut and its suburbs just because of the doubts that stated the presence of Hamas individual (Ismael, 2006). These air strikes killed many people without any reason. The whole scenario of the situation clearly provide us with facts that who is wrong and who is right and how the powerful people of the world are doing in the interest of peace and sovereignty of those who can’t fight. UN and USA have been mere spectators when the people were being killed in Palestine and Lebanon. All the Veto forces still vote against Hamas after these kinds of injustice with the poor people of Palestine (Bouillon, 2004). Full throttle attacks are being configured towards Hamas and the protestors who have stones to throw at them with addition to some low level weapons (Bennis, 2008). They are not even allowed to resist against the Israelis because if they do so they are terrorist. What kind of the world we are living in where no one sees the real scenes of death and bloodshed. People and leaders say about the roadmap and peace in the region. Whoever says this is betraying him because these are just political statements. No one has taken any steps to minimize the sufferings of the people of Palestine who everyday see their loved ones dying in front of them. People talk about the terrorism but they totally forget about the actions of Israel which are the start of the response (Arikat, 2005). The response is tagged as the terror act and the Israeli force attacks are tagged as the attacks for the security of Israel against the terrorists. The double standards of the world are costing millions of people to lose their home, money, food and their relatives to die and most importantly they die in their own country (Bennis, 2008). There are still many things to happen in this region. The peace process will start and finish with no results and to believe in the suggestions and recommendations from the Israel are mere propagandas which will never make them successful in this fight (Arikat, 2005).

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