What Is a Motivation Letter?

Before we tell you about the advantages of our motivation letter writing service, let us discuss what a motivation letter is. So, a motivation letter, which is also known as a statement of purpose, is a unique document in which an applicant expresses his or her motivation to become a part of the educational environment of a specific educational institution.

A Professional Motivation Letter Will Open the Door For You

All colleges and universities want to accept the best candidacies, as they want to maintain their successful image. So, to become a student of a particular educational institution, you need to create an appealing motivation letter that will make the admission officers say, “Yes! This person should definitely become our student!” Being written well, your motivation letter will greatly increase your chances of getting a positive decision. At the same time, being standard and non-creative, your motivational letter will never bring you the outcome you expect.

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If you don`t know how to write a letter of motivation, you can search for motivation letter sample on the web that will provide you with the helpful tips on how such a paper should look like. You may use this motivation letter example for boosting your writing inspiration and learning about the key parts that should be included in your motivation letter.

Scholarship Motivation Letter Writing

A scholarship motivation letter is a letter that is usually written by the person applying for a scholarship. Such a letter should clearly explain why you need this scholarship and in what way it will help you achieve your goals. Remember that writing a motivational letter is a very personalized process in which you need to think about what makes you unique and authentic. Do not even try to fill your motivation letter with the boring statements because we assure you that the application committee members are sick and tired from reading the standards papers copy-pasted from the web. Of course, one needs to choose the right strategy and work hard to create an inspiring, intriguing, and creative letter of motivation for a scholarship.

So, basically, a scholarship motivation letter should answer two main questions:

  • Why do believe that you are a good candidate for a scholarship?
  • What are you planning to do with the education received?

Motivation Letter for Study Abroad: Essential Information

A motivation letter is one of the most important instruments if you are going to pursue your degree abroad. Many applicants have the same level of preparation and skills. Therefore, a great motivation letter may help the admission officers to make their choice in your favor. Remember that the reputed universities are highly selective when it comes to accepting new students. Most foreign universities ask the students to discuss their career plans in their motivation letters. Determine which special qualities and knowledge are needed for succeeding in the program you have chosen and which of these qualities you have. Do not praise or belittle yourself but try to describe yourself with maximum objectivity, quoting facts and relying on the opinions of others. Writing a motivation letter for an university abroad can be very overwhelming. Alternatively, you can always find professional service and ask for help.

Motivational Letter for Job: What is the Purpose of It?

Applying to a certain job position, you may be also asked to write a motivation letter. In this letter, you need to emphasize the key strengths that will help you succeed in a particular job. The HR manager should understand that you possess all the necessary skills and qualities to succeed in a specific position.

Always customize your motivation letter for the internship or a vacancy you are looking for. Sending the same motivation letter to different companies is always a failing strategy. Always keep in mind that motivational letter to employee is a unique chance to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and competencies that will help succeed in the chosen position. Remember that when applying for a specific job, your motivation letter should support your CV.

Curriculum Vitae

You should realize that many more people are looking for a job comparing to the ones, who have it already. The recruiters at the reputed companies may receive up to hundreds of application requests from the people interested in cooperation. If you want to move to another stage, the interview, you need to make sure your CV is flawless.



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Differentiating Motivation Letter and Cover Letter Writing

Both these papers have a pretty similar structure but different purposes. A motivation letter is widely used mainly in the education environment and is written by the students, who are going to apply to specific colleges and universities. It is your opportunity to showcase your personality and explain that you are motivated enough to obtain your career goals. A cover letter is usually written by the applicant to a specific job position. In a cover letter, you need to clearly explain why you are a good fit for the position chosen. A cover letter is usually sent to the hiring manager along with the CV. Finally, a cover letter should always end with the request for an interview and indicate how the hiring manager can contact you.

The Difference between a Statement of Purpose, Motivation Letter, Cover Letter, and Personal Statement

When you are applying to a college or university or want to get a job in a prestigious company, you need to understand all the similarities and differences between these letters.

Whereas people may sometimes confuse these papers, we want to emphasize that a motivation letter is usually written by the student and a cover letter is written by the person applying to a job. The statement of purpose is just the same thing as a motivation letter.

Very often, the students may be asked to write a personal statement. Although it is also written to persuade the application committee to make the choice in your favor, it is not the same thing as a motivation letter. Personal statements are written in a more personal matter and refer to the past experiences and achievements of the applicant whereas a motivation letter is focused mainly on future plans. When the motivation letter tells about the previous achievements, they should serve as proof that the applicant is determined and goal-oriented enough to broaden the horizons.

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