Books and the information on the Internet are considered as the most reliable and the most convenient sources of information. There are also a lot of essay databases and writing companies like , which also contain useful information on writing. When working on different projects, conducting research and writing simple essays, few students refer to movies. Movies can be different. Modern cinematography is varied and the number of genres is huge. Each movie carries a particular idea and there are the movies that may be very helpful in education. I am not writing about the documentary movies, which are created for the purpose of giving some knowledge and teaching. I want to discuss the role of feature films in education.

The role of feature movies in modern education

Not all the feature films should be considered from the point of view of educational purposes. As for me, foreign films of different years may show cultural peculiarities of a particular country. The way people live, wear clothes, perform everyday duties, and do other tasks may be seen in the movies. It is ordinary for us to have the mode of life we got used to, but for foreigners our customs may be rather strange. That is why watching culture movies of other countries may be a good source of information. Another type of movies that can be used in modern education may be old films about some great events. There are many movies about the war. Even though they do not show the historic events as they were from the point of view of the history, the feature films may be very realistic when it comes to showing how nations survived during those times. Feelings, emotions, and general conditions in the war time are never discussed in the history books, but this is what students should understand. Learning the political and economical reasons for wars, students should keep in mind that each war is not just a set of numbers and words; each war is represented by simple people, like you and me. That is why I am sure that movies must be present in modern education and they deserve much attention.

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