No Child Left Behind Act and its impact on education (part 2)

Various improvements have been seen after the implementation of this act into the schooling system. The academic achievement of minority students has increased under NCLB. This is reflected on the California Standards Test (CST). More of these students are also enrolled in higher level of math courses than before the law was passed.

Following can be considered as the enhancements that can be related to the implementation of No Child Left behind Act;

Improvement in Test Scores:

The entry tests required by various universities and colleges are the most important part of a students’ career. Keeping this in regards, the preparation for this test is initiated at an early level with far more interest in the weak issues that a student has. Various improvements in the results have been seen on consistent basis after this act implemented.

Improvement over local standards:

Many argue that local government had failed students, necessitating federal intervention to remedy issues like teachers teaching outside their areas of expertise, and complacency in the face of continually failing schools. Some local governments, notably New York State, have voiced support for NCLB provisions, because local standards had failed to provide adequate oversight over special education, and that NCLB would allow longitudinal data to be more effectively used to monitor Adequate Yearly Progress.

Increased accountability:

It has been observed that NCLB has allowed greater options for the parents when it comes to the educational future of their students. Also the gap between the achievements of minorities and the white gap has been minimized from time to time. NCLB aims to show achievement toward these goals through federally mandated standardized testing.

Attention to minority populations:

The gap between the minorities and white students has been minimized by the provision of this law. The main emphasis was always the access of better education facilities for all the students no matter from which class and race they belonged. The discrimination fact was no longer valid. The minorities were most of the time under achieved students due to different social and financial reasons. There were disable students as well in the school. It was then devised that all the states will define subgroups for their students who are from minorities. They were provided with facilities with extra care and more attention towards the course from the White who were on the other hand were still better. These changes brought a good change in the minorities as they begin to understand their important in the society and therefore were far more confident on their abilities.

Quality of education:

Quality of education was increased as the result of the implementation of NCLB. The schools were obliged to raise their educational and teaching standards and also have to implemented innovative ways of transferring knowledge. The research activities started after NCLB and the schools have to recruit a senior and experienced staff for these purposes. The parent involvement was much more now as they were met by the teachers from time to time with the feedbacks from both sides. Professional development of the students started right from here in the classrooms for those who were thought that they will not be able to reach the colleges. NCLB emphasizes reading, writing, mathematics and science achievement as “core academic subjects”.

School choice:

School choice gives options to students enrolled in schools failing to meet AYP. If a school fails to meet AYP targets two or more years running, the school must offer eligible children the chance to transfer to higher-performing local schools, receive free tutoring, or attend after-school programs. It also gives school districts the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency, even for subgroups that do not meet State Minimum Achievement standards, through a process called “safe harbor,” a precursor to growth-based or value-added assessments.

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