Introduction: this section shall give a brief overview on the realities that unemployment has upon the different countries making up the entire global trade and the rates that they have in connection with the said situation. From countries such as Sweden and Japan who are in the same level of economic status, the Canadian unemployment rate reports shall be examined and reflected upon in this section showing the readers where the entire research is heading.

Statement of the Problem: Following the introduction is the statement of the problem shall be presented so as to give the readers an idea on the main features that would be shown in the entire study. Considerably, this shall appear as the clarifying section for the major aims of the research that needs to be discussed within the entirety of the context of the study.

Purpose of the Study: To state the major reasons as to why the research is being pursued shall be shown in this section. Who are the stakeholders of the research and what are likely to be expected as they become involved in the process? These important questions shall be given value in this research.

Literature Review: the literature review shall be a presentation of the review of the different journals, books and other written materials that are to be used in the data collection of the research. Through this section the importance of the chosen written materials are to be given careful attention as to how they naturally relate to the research being pursued.

Through the use of at least five to seven top major journals that are chosen by the researcher, this section shall give a clear connection on the major ideas that the researcher aims to present that are likely in direct relativity with the ideas of the researchers who have primarily studied the issue on the same topic aiming to clarify the different notions and estimations regarding the unemployment matters occurring in the country.

Methodologies: this section shall include the different procedures to be used by the researcher to make the study more obviously well validated. Through a survey and interview process that shall be conducted online, the identification of the need to assess the statistics of unemployment in Canada and how the situation actually affects the people could be given careful understanding and reflection.

Presentations: Through this section, the different presentations on the findings garnered through the methodologies noted in the section above shall be shown so as to give a visual clarification on each of the matter discussed within the context of the entire study.

Conclusion: through a five-point summary presentation, the entirety of the study shall be given clarity thus aiming to help the readers see the importance of the study and how relative it is to the current situation faced not only by Canada today but by the whole world. Through this, the understanding of the study becomes a more comprehensive matter that is actually valid and applicable at present.

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