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In its essence, proofreading is the process of searching and fixing the mistakes before submitting the final paper. Indeed, proofreading covers several areas. In particular, it deals with correcting not only the grammatical and typographical mistakes, but also fixing the problems with the narrative flow of the paper (for instance, fixing the logical flow of writer`s thoughts and ideas), word choice inconsistencies, and some other errors. There are many proofreading services offering their help, but only is known for its trustworthiness and experience in academic writing. We have been successfully providing the high-quality writing, editing, and proofreading services for students for many years.

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What You Should Do Before Proofreading

Revise the text

Do not start editing your paper if it lacks coherence and its organization is poor. As such, you cannot enter the next level without the successful completing of the previous one. Be sure to work carefully on the essay`s focus and structure and re-arrange all sections if needed.

Wait before the proofreading

Do not even try to proofread your essay right after it is written. Most probably, you will not find any mistakes in it. As such, give yourself a day or at least a few hours. We assure you that this technique will help you identify all the mistakes in your paper more effortlessly. Obviously, it is the fundamental reason why you should not wait until the last day with writing your essay because doing so, most probably; you will not have time for proper editing and proofreading.

Simplify your sentence constructions before proofreading

We assure you that the clear and precise language is much better than the complex sentences full of unknown terms. Moreover, the simple sentences are easier to proofread. Therefore, before proofreading, eliminate the unnecessary complex words. Besides, make sure to get rid of the repetitive and empty phrases.

Know the scope of your work

Read the comments of your professor on the previous drafts of your paper and make a mental note on the errors you are searching. This will help you understand the weak points of your writing and elaborate on that.

Revise the reference list

Finally, before proofreading, it is necessary to revise the reference list and all citations within the paper. Also, check if all the sources of the reference list can be found within the text. Make sure to resolve any omissions before proofreading the paper.

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Please Note

Do not confuse revision of the order with its editing. Editing implies improving the language and tightening it up so that the essay could be easier to understand. The improving of the language should be your main focus when proofreading the paper. However, if you are asked to revise the project, it means that you have to change something, improve, or re-organize your ideas in a better way. If the professor did not specify the clear reason for revision, do not hesitate to ask him/her for clarification.

The Effective Tips that Help Identify the Errors

  1. Read aloud. Although this technique is particularly effective for finding the run-on sentences; however, we assure you that it will help you find out many other mistakes. Moreover, playing the role of the reader, you will see if your paper sounds interesting.
  2. Read from the printed paper, not from the screen of your laptop. The constant glaring at your computer brings significant harm to your eyes. Moreover, it does not allow you to find all the mistakes and fix them. Reading from the screen, you will skip many errors.
  3. Use the ruler to cover up the lines, when you are reading. This technique will help you focus on the sentence you read at the current moment and improve it until it will be perfect.  Though you may doubt, we assure you that this technique prevents the writer from skipping the possible mistakes.
  4. Use the search option on your computer to find the possible errors. This option is particularly important for finding some repeating words. If you believe that you use some word or word combination more than often, feel free to utilize the search option to check how many times it is used within your essay. If it is used more than needed, substitute these words by the synonyms.
  5. Use some software programs for proofreading. Although you cannot totally rely on the results of the computer check, it may show you the mistakes you could miss. As such, try to find a reliable plagiarism checker available online and run your paper through it. Keep in mind that computer check should not be a substitute of the manual proofreading.
  6. Read the paper slowly. Reading your essay with the normal speed does not allow your eyes to have the sufficient time to find the mistakes. We assure you that a vast majority of errors is made because of the fast writing and proofreading. Thus, if you want to get a positive grade, you need to dedicate enough time to both these processes.
  7. Highlight or circle every punctuation mark in your paper. Indeed, many students commit the same mistake; they overuse the punctuation marks more than it is actually needed. Circling all the commas and other punctuation marks, you will be able to delete them where they are not necessary.
  8. Ask your friend to check your paper. Sometimes, to fix all the mistakes, it is necessary to look at it with another eye.  Feel free to ask some of your friends to proofread your paper and we assure you that he/she will easily find the mistakes you could have missed.

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