Even though online schools are a rather new trend, they are growing in popularity today due to the advancement of computer technologies.
Online schooling continuously improves, facilitating the access to their resources, enhancing programs, and giving new courses. This phenomenon has its pros and cons, and to decide whether you want to use it, you should consider all of them.

Advantages of online education

1. Flexibility. Online education is convenient, since you may study your materials whenever you can. You will surely have deadlines but provided that you meet them, you can read and review the lectures and other materials when your schedule allows you to do so.

2. Availability. The number of online schools is growing every year. Therefore, you will have a large choice.

3. Location. You can take classes in an online school from a different city or country without even leaving your home.

4. No commute. You will not have to waste time getting to school and you will have a possibility to spend it doing homework, working, or having rest with your family.

5. Self-direction. You may choose how and at what pace to complete your tasks.

6.Variety. There is no limit here. You can take any courses, from criminal justice to nursing.


Surely, you also need to know about the cons of online schools. They include:

1. Limited communication with professor. Teachers at online schools basically use pre-recorded materials. Most of the interaction you will get with them includes their feedback on tasks and discussions.

2. Technology requirements. Some people either do not have a computer at all or do not have the one that meets all modern technological standards.

3. Limited social interaction. Although you will have discussions, they cannot fully replace a traditional peer-to-peer communication.

4. No Campus. You will not have such benefits of campuses as extracurricular activities and clubs.

5. Time management. People with poor time management skills will have troubles with doing all tasks in time and so, will get fewer benefits from online schooling.

6. Stigma. Even though the credibility of online schools is higher now, some people still think, that the education they give, is poorer than that of traditional schools.

If pros outweigh cons in your case, you may choose online schooling. To succeed, make sure that the school you choose is credible and apply all your self-discipline skills while studying!

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