Crime has become an ordinary component of our life. On a new level, it spreads on the web. Do you feel safe every time your device is connected to the Internet? Have you already heard of cyber crimes, cyber bulling, theft of personal data, etc.? No, I’m not trying to intimidate you. I just want you to be careful and safe using all the privileges of the modern world.

Internet-connected devices security

On average, each person has 3-5 devices that are connected to the Internet. Every time you turn on your smartphone, tablet or laptop in college, dorm or any other place with public access, you take a risk. Internet-connected devices are exposed to cyber-attacks.
The below tips will help you to mitigate the danger for your gadgets and identities.

1. Turn off GPS access on your apps
Unless this exact application is meant to track your location, disable a GPS option on every app. By simple swipes on your smartphone, you can secure your movement. Besides, find my phone app works remotely even with a restricted GPS functionality in case of theft.

2. Don’t share personal information
Personal information security is a number one rule you must realize whenever you use the Internet. Try to limit or even avoid (if possible) sharing such information as home (dorm) address, phone number, e-mail, and so on. You may not believe what a full portfolio the hackers can piece together using your social media accounts featuring cracked applications.

3. Turn on privacy settings
You offer a huge piece of private information unconsciously on your own. Social media is a wealth of knowledge. Admit how many times you’ve used Facebook to spy on the boy/girl you like or on your ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend. If you want to secure the life you share on the web, limit the recipients of your social media posts. Let just your friends/followers see what’s happening on you Facebook/Twitter account.

4. Learn how to use social media
There are different instructing programs on how to manage cyber-crimes. Maybe, you’ve never thought about it, but the rules of social media secure usage also exist.

5. Realize the threat
Such public places as colleges often become targets for the hackers. They have many security breaches. Yet, the stolen records are the most popular breaking of the law among others.
So, take safety measures and be cautious surfing the net. This ocean is full of dangerous fishes.

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