Looking for some memorization tips?

It often happens that you read a book from cover to cover only to realize that you have not remembered much of it. This is a very common problem students face. However, retaining the information you get from textbooks, articles, fiction etc. is crucial for your academic progress.

Here at you can find useful advice on how to read and remember the material.

  • Know why you read.

Do you have to conduct a research on Italian Renaissance painting? Do you want to find the latest statistics on the US economic development? Or do you simply want to learn the principles of healthy eating? You should clearly understand why you have chosen to read this particular text. This will make your brain focus on the most significant aspects and ignore unnecessary information. The key points will be stored in you memory.

  • Skim the text first.

Most people start reading from the very first sentence and simply go on till the last page. A far more productive technique is looking through the text first to get a basic understanding of the content and figure out the main points. Once you do this, the reading itself will be much more effective. You will read and memorize the content easily

  • Mark the key statements.

Use pencil and sticky notes to mark important statements and paragraphs throughout the book. When you finish reading, go back and read again everything you marked. You’ll be surprised at how little time this takes, yet this way you are sure to remember those points.

  • Take notes.

Writing information down always helps to memorize it. There is no need to write summaries of all the chapters. Making short sketches, bullet lists, drawing simple diagrams helps to actively process and remember the material.

  • Discuss what you have just read with somebody.

Tell your friends about the info you have learned, give your opinion on it, and ask theirs. This is another effective method of processing and memorizing information.

  • Practice makes perfect.

Improving Your Memory You Can Do It!

Regardless of how old you are, there are many things you can do to boost your memory and maintain sharp intelligence.

Here are some suggestions for memory improvement

  1. Stay focused. Whenever you want to memorize something, it is crucial that you actually focus on it. Try to eliminate distractions (phone calls, background music, TV, etc.) and attend to what you are studying. This way the information will store in long-term memory and you will be able to easily recall it when needed.
  2. Do not underestimate the importance of regular exercise and healthy diet. Physical activity improves blood circulation in your whole organism and in the brain as well, preventing premature aging and memory loss. Eating right is also good for your brain. Your diet should contain fish and seafood, colored fruit and vegetables, nuts and beans.
  3. Try to organize the material you want to remember. Taking notes, making lists, writing down your reflections on a particular subject, or writing summaries of books, articles and movies will make it much easier to remember the content. Samples of summaries or reflective essays can be found at .
  4. Associate the things you learn with something that you already know. Establishing connections between the already known facts and the new material is another effective memorization technique.
  5. Exercise the brain. Solve crosswords, play chess, read magazines from cover to cover, learn a new language. All these are great ways to help your brain stay active and consequently improve your memory.
  6. Try to reduce stress. It kills brain cells and therefore hinders memorizing and worsens your brainpower. No one can completely avoid stress, but we can reduce its detrimental impact on our health. Getting enough sleep, practicing meditation techniques now and then, spending time with your close friends will help you unwind and cope with stress.

The abovementioned tips may seem a bit challenging. But you just have to practice them to see the results. Use them regularly and you will see your reading sessions become more and more productive.

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