Great Importance of Reading

You might not be super enthusiastic about reading; you might hate classical literature; and you might have never spent a single buck on books. However, you must not neglect reading if you want to achieve academic and professional success. Reading is essential because it provides multiple opportunities for personal and intellectual development.

Here are some reasons why it is important to develop and perfect you reading skills:

  • Reading activates cerebration. Unlike TV shows, films, and computer games, which merely give you a ready-made picture, reading books stimulates the brain to work more intensively.
  • Reading facilitates you concentration. In order to fully understand the content of a text, you must actually stay calm and focused as you read it. As you read regularly, your concentration power is bound to improve.
  • Reading boosts your language skills. Come to think of it: you learn new words from nearly every second book. This expands your vocabulary. Daily exposure to the written word helps to improve spelling and makes constructing your own sentences and whole texts a lot easier. This, in turn, will develop your writing skills. Both essay writing and speaking in public will not be that dreadful if you read regularly. More useful tips for effective learning can be found at .
  • When you read, you automatically identify with the characters and go to the story setting mentally. The descriptions of people, things and places are translated into pictures in your mind. You compare your own feelings with those of the characters. All this develops your imagination and creative thinking.
  • Finally, the reason you should prefer reading to TV programs and news reports is that it gives you a possibility to thoroughly analyze the material and draw your own conclusions, while the information given to you by reporters often makes it impossible to formulate your own standpoint. Consciously or subconsciously, you accept a view imposed from without. In contrast, reading can bring your analytical skills to perfection.

Now what are you waiting for? Turn off the TV and computer and go read a book instead!

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