Reflections from oneself (part 2)

Afterwards, the climax finally shows that the officer had no choice but to kill the elephant. However, with a few shots, the elephant still managed to survive, but the crowd’s stripping off his meat has eventually taken his life away. Torture, that is. The people being too much judgmental during the time when the officer was thinking what his next move would be represents the European political parties as they intend to watch every step that the people, especially those whom they placed in position if they would follow the rules that the said government placed as guidelines to their people. Although the rules were set, the said governmental organization [European Imperialistic Arrangements], have had lesser concerns on their own rules when several situations arise later on. Sadly, this act of the government, directly affects the lives of the society.

Personal Reflection

From the stories collected and posted through the book of Paula Carlson and Peter Hawkins, it could be observed that a focus on the major ideas of human realization on the application of rules and realities behind human freedom is an essential part of the society’s development towards the future. Understandably, it is through the fact that people exist for a reason and for these different reasons, they become directly involved in making certain decisions, it could be observed that people tend to make certain points in their lives that subjects them to certain situations that makes them realize the personal importance of life to themselves. Besides this, their involvement on the different situations in the society gives them larger chances of being emotionally and mentally aware of the society thus understanding their role in the situations their communities are likely involved with.


As it could be carefully noted, the writings of both authors strongly suggest that fact that people are indeed caring on how much the political issue relate to their own personal situations as locals of the community. The fact that they are living within the community with which the governmental arrangements are being pursued, their freedom and their view with regards how it is particularly dealt with by the society is strongly affecting their lives as individuals and as one existing society as well. True, these writings used symbolical approach to be able to send the idea that the authors particularly aim to send to the reading society. Their continuous aim of enlightening the people with the political situations that they are dealing with becomes a mirror of what and how their freedom is being strongly manifested by the laws.

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