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A Doctor

Buy Custom A Doctor Essay

Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor?

When I was young, I was very week. I spent most of my 4th grade at hospital and I was diagnosis as neurological disease. Even though doctors could not find the exact cause of my illness, I suffered from severe headache and complained of pain in the abdomen. Since it was hard for me to live as other normal kids due to my pain, I had no other options except the home schooling. Because of that, I never had PE class in my 4th grade or did not have chance to do other exercises. However, my parents did not consider any alternative therapies to help with my childhood illnesses. My father’s friend told my dad that ski is the best sports that can help to improve not only physical weakness but also the emotional hardships, then instead of put me in the therapies, my father wanted me to learn ski. For the first time I was scare and afraid to go up to the slope but my dad encouraged me that I can do it.

I never went to the mountain before so I was scared and afraid to go up to the slope. On the other hand, I did not trust myself. Since I was sick for a long time, I conclude that I would never play any kinds of sports, yet my dad did not give up on me. I tried couple of times and finally I was able to ski. For the first day, I got bruises all of my body and almost give up after two hours of learning. I would’ve given up without my dad’s support. He did not let me give up without trying my best. I tried more than hundreds times and finally I was able to ski. I felt freedom, liberty and excitement. I felt like I won the battle to my self. - I haven't felt that joyfulness for many years until I decide that I want to be a physician. It is by no means an easy task to choose a profession. The whole future of a person depends on the right choice. For the rich it doesn't matter much but for the poor it is of great importance. Many young women and men have suffered failures in their lives because of wrong choice. So it is always necessary to decide what one should do in one's life. It is my great ambition to do something substantial for the welfare of society. The practice of medicine seems to offer me that opportunity.

After couple year of skiing, I was able to get rid of my illness and able to get back to the normal life. This is how I felt when I decided to be a physician. I want to help the people, who suffer from their illness, to be freed from all the hardships they go through and experience the exhilarating moments of life like I do when I am skiing. I rose in Korea until age of 16. At 16, our family migrated to America for more and better opportunity of education. Nevertheless, education system is different from Korea, which I am used to so I had difficulties of adapting it. Especially I was confronted with a difficult problem, physics. However, I made up my mind when I started work with Dr Paek. I am currently working as a MA at internal medicine hospital. He reminds the feeling of sking again. He treats patients like his own family and never let them down. He does not judge people by their background.

Choice of my profession

The choice of profession depends on so many considerations. I am studious and hardworking and I want my efforts rightly rewarded. One can choose to be a great business man, a politician, actor or a lawyer to become rich and popular. But the profession I have chosen much suit my personality. I don’t want good money and all comforts in life and at the same time I want to be of some help to the society. A doctor commands great respect in the society because he/she is very much wanted by all, rich and poor alike. I want to be a doctor because I love this profession. I graduated from ___________ University in the year ____ with a B.S. in ________ and looking forward to get admission in the _______.

I always think that what would the world be like if there was no one to cure diseases or prescribe medicine? New diseases and cures are being found every day. If there were no physicians there would be an increase in deaths, I cannot be able to sleep that night when I think about above statement. In order for everyone to be healthy, the U.S needs well-educated physicians and I want to be one of them. After looking at the aspects of being a physician I found that the career is appealing to me. There are many careers to choose from but I thought a physician was the right choice for me. To prepare for a career as a physician, it is important to look into these aspects of the career: the education, the work performed, the rewards and benefits and the job demand.

Type of assignment Writer level Title of your paper Pages
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I see myself in a medical school 5 years from now. It is not only my secret wish to become a doctor but also my greatest ambition. It will sound out of fashion to say that I want to serve my country. But I love to serve people while I enjoy every comfort in life. I do not like to say I will give my selfless service to my people. I will work hard while I expect the right reward and respect for my services. It is a fact that a large number of people suffer long and die for want for proper sufficient medical care. I love to help them, treat them and cure then for my job satisfaction and peace of mind. I will do the duties of a good doctor and at the same time use my profession to reach great heights.

I know that physician has a lot of responsibilities and one has to handle a lot of hardship initially but still I want to be a doctor. I will love to perform my primary job responsibilities, which will be to perform medical examinations, find out what is wrong with the patient, prescribe medicine or treatment and teach patients how to stay healthy and fit. I will perform these responsibilities like I am serving to my family. They may also refer their patient to a special doctor if needed. Most of the physicians work in small private offices or clinics often assisted by a small staff. But some physicians also work in hospitals. Sometimes physicians have to work long and irregular hours too. Most physicians work sixty hours a week and sometimes have to make emergency visits to the hospital. Thus, being a physician is hard but I want to be a doctor, there is no force which can stop me to become a doctor.

It will be the best time of my life when I became a doctor. When I became a doctor, I will be feeling the same excitement which I have felt when I finally able to ski. A career as a physician takes a lot of research, planning, and hard work, it means that my learning process will never stop; this fact is also forcing me to become a doctor. Becoming a doctor is not an easy task like skiing for me in beginning. But as I learnt skiing after couple of try, likewise I am sure that I will become a doctor, no matter how much difficulties I have to face. I am ready to face all difficulties in front of becoming a doctor. Living a doctor's life always attracts me and I know this career is perfect for my nature and I can well perform my duties in the same manner in which Dr Jason Paek is performing.


I want to be a doctor because I want to heals not only physical hardship but also patient’s emotional hardness so they can have chance to feel the way that I felt when I came down the slope. Dr. Paek inspired me to be a physician. Because of him, a person who comes to our clinics gets along each other, shares their stories and encourages each other. I feel like I am working with in extended family. I believe that all the illness is comes from one’s mind. Depend how one treats and heals his or her mind, he or she can recover and Dr Paek always emphasizes this fact to the patient. I want to be a doctor like him so patient can feel comfortable and secure with my treatment and get better.I know that physician has a lot of responsibilities and one has to handle a lot of hardship initially but still I want to be a doctor. I will love to perform my primary job responsibilities, which will be to perform medical examinations, find out what is wrong with the patient, prescribe medicine or treatment and teach patients how to stay healthy and fit. I will perform these responsibilities like I am serving to my family. The experience at Dr.Paek’s office has solidified myinterest in alternative treatments, and I cannot imagine a more fulfilling and compassionate way to spend my life than by promoting the wellness of others.

Buy Custom A Doctor Essay

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