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Light Microscope

Buy Custom Light Microscope Essay

A microscope is one of the most widely used biomedical laboratory equipment that is used in viewing images that are too small for the human eyes. This instrument has been used to magnify objects of interest to a magnification that allows them to be viewed by laboratory staff.  Seviour (2010) confirms that the light microscope does not only magnify specimen meant to be viewed but it also produce images that have the appropriate resolutions that improves clarity. Despite the usefulness of this instrument, there are other microscopes that work better. Nevertheless, this instrument is still used in various clinical setting.


The light microscope is primary made to use visible light in providing illumination to the specimens that are under study. This instrument has a source of light which can be bulb preferably an incandescent one fixed at the base of the instrument. This bulb can always move from side to side.  The light from the bulb usually come enters the light microscope through its bottom to the stage.  The stage is an area of the light microscope where specimens can be placed for viewing. The stage has a number of clips that hold slides with specimen into place (Karp, 2009)

Above the stage are the objective lenses that are used to magnify the specimen under study. Pommerville (2010) asserts that a light microscope has as few as three objective lenses those for high power, low-power and oil-immersion used in different situations in the laboratory setting.. Close attached above the lenses is the nosepiece that contains a set of high and low power objective lenses. To use of either lens, one has to rotate the turret that holds the objective lenses into place. The eyepiece which allows viewing is placed on top of the nose piece and contains a ocular lens which allows one to look through the light microscope.

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The light microscope also has an arm whose work it to support the microscope when it is carried from one point to another. The arm has the nose piece, eye piece, and base attached and held in place.  Below the arm is a course adjustment knob that is used in moving the stage either up or down. The use of this knob is critical in achieving focus of objects that are mounted on the slides and placed on the stage.  Below the course adjustment knob is a fine adjustment knob that allows the users of the microscope to produce a sharp image of specimen being used as it moves the stage slightly as compared to the course adjustment knob.   The diaphragm found at the bottom of the base allows for regulation of light into the microscope. At the bottom of the light microscope is the base that holds all the mentioned part of the microscope into place.

The function of the light microscope is to provide magnification for specimen that may be too minute to be viewed by human eyes within the clinical setting. As a result of this function, the light microscope has found its use in viewing of samples in the laboratory such as blood sample during laboratory tests.

In order to use a light microscope, a user has to prepare the sample well and place them on a slide and mount it on the base firmly holding into place by the clips.  Next, one has to turn on the bulb and open the diaphragm so as to allow enough light to come in. This will be followed by the choosing of the appropriate lens at the nose piece. Looking through the eye piece, one can now adjust the light microscope using the course and fine adjustment knob one at a time. This is done until a clear image of the specimen is observed.  Should there be little light for illumination; one can adjust the diaphragm to allow for more light as necessary.   

Buy Custom Light Microscope Essay

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