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History as we know is an account of past events which can be created by anything or anyone. Although we are all a part of history, everybody around the globe has a different perception of what history is. In this paper we analyze St. Thomas Aquinas’ historical argument, that there is proof that God exists. St. Thomas Aquinas was the greatest medieval philosopher who was largely involved with the Catholic Church as a priest in the Dominican order. Although he is responsible for many works of writing, St. Thomas was immensely recognized for his theories of the existence of God. In all his life’s work Thomas’ sole mission was to enlighten masses on the divine connection between God and man.

His arguments though diverse can be divided into five main parts, these include argument from motion, efficient causes, possibility and necessity, design and lastly argument from Gradation of being. All these ways in which he supports his argument attempt to explain the existence of God. Argument from motion can be explained as follows; everyone believes that some things are in motion and they begin to move only if they possess a potential motion. This hidden ability to move has to be controlled by a supernatural being and therefore Thomas argues that it is God, this supernatural being, who controls the movement of people and things.

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The second argument from efficient causes can be explained as follows; we as human beings imagine that all things that exist or happen in the world are caused by something. Nothing can happen by itself regardless if it possesses life or not. For example if a natural disaster such as a flood occurs, we believe that it has been caused by some unexplainable force. This unexplainable force is what we humans perceive as God. The third argument from possibility and necessity is described as follows; there is a possibility of all things to exist at a particular point in time. There was a time when some things did not exist, now they exist and in the future they will not exist i.e. human beings. Therefore it is possible that there is a being who controls the existence of people and things and that is God. He chronologically arranges things to occur in his own time so that there is balance and equilibrium within the universe.

The fourth argument is from design; in this argument Thomas says that in our world we often see that all things, though lacking life are synchronized and all work perfectly in their own time. We take an example of pouring water into a glass. As the water is poured into the glass by someone it does not misstep and instead pours onto the floor. Unless misdirected by the pourer, it goes directly into the glass. It is therefore directed by some supernatural being to pour into the cup and remain there. The sole purpose of the pourer was to face the water into the glass; the water is then perfectly directed into the glass by some supernatural being that we assume is God.

The fifth and last argument from gradation of being can also be explained in the same way; we all as humans give different thing different degrees of goodness. Some things are perceived better than others but all this ‘goodness’ must originate from somewhere. We therefore assume that God is the one who possesses and controls all this goodness. From St. Thomas’ arguments we generally see that be basically associates the origination of all things from a higher power that is God. Though his arguments are all one sided we generally see the train of thought that he is trying to deliver to people that we are all an origin and design from something greater and that is beyond us which is God.

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