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Relationship between Violent and Property Crime and Unemployment Rate

Buy Custom Relationship between Violent and Property Crime and Unemployment Rate Essay

When studying the relationship between unemployment rate and violent crimes in Illinois, the two variables i.e. unemployment rate and violent crimes were plotted on the same graph. This provided the best comparison. From the graph of unemployment versus violent crimes, there was minimal relationship that was noted between the two. The levels kept on fluctuating with different years. In some years, unemployment rate was high   and so was the violent crime rate. For instance, in 1975, the levels of unemployment was higher (above 800) than the levels of violent crimes (below 800). The trend changed in 1977 where the two variables were almost the same. In 1979, violent crimes were reported to be higher than the levels of unemployment. Thereafter, the levels of violent crimes remained slightly higher than the levels of unemployment though with a direct relationship. Despite this, there was some direct relationship in a sense that where violent crimes were high, there were also high levels of unemployment. For instance, in the year 1991 1nd 1992, there were high levels of violent crimes which were also associated with high levels of unemployment. The following years recorded a drop in both violent crimes levels and unemployment rate. On the linear graph, the graph was almost straight indicating little relations between the two.

On looking at the graph of violent crimes versus unemployment rate in the US, the trend is more less the same as that of Illinois. Initially, unemployment rate appeared to be higher. This was only on two occasions that is the year 1975 and 1981-82. The rest of the period saw unemployment rate being below the rate of violent crimes. Despite this, there was a close relation between the two in a way that an increase in unemployment could result in an increase in the rate of violent crimes. This was more evident in 1990. Consequently, a little drop in unemployment levels recorded a corresponding drop in levels of violent crimes. On the linear graph, the gradient of the two is not that steep. Actually, it is almost flat. This indicates that there is a small relationship between levels of unemployment and the levels of violent crimes.

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To explain the scenario depicted above, it could be due to the fact that lack of jobs make one to be idle.  As they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This might tempt such people to start indulging in violent crimes for lack of jobs to occupy them. There is also a possibility that lack of employment stresses an individual. To relieve the stresses, one may opt to become violent. This results to a slight increase in the levels of violent crimes. The trivial correlation between unemployment rate and violent crimes can also be due to the fact that some individuals are just borne evil. They have such vice of violence deeply rooted in their minds.  Despite of them having all they need, they will only feel satisfied when they indulge themselves in violent crimes. In addition, some acts of violence such as rape are also driven psychologically.

Another graph was plotted to compare the levels of unemployment and property crime level. For Illinois, the graph of unemployment versus property crime was different from the graph of unemployment versus violent crimes. Unlike in the latter, the levels of property crime were above the levels of unemployment. At no given point is the graph of unemployment rate seen being above the graph of property crime as the case was with unemployment and violent crimes.  For instance, in 1975, the level of property crime was around 5000 while the level of unemployment was at 4000. In 1978, the levels of unemployment dropped to around 3000. This consequently resulted in a drop in the levels of property crime to around 4000. Throughout the whole period, a rise in unemployment rate recorded a corresponding increase in levels of property crime. On the linear graph, the gradient appeared to be steeper compared to that of unemployment versus violent crime. In US, the case was not different. There was a strong and positive relationship between unemployment and property crime levels. Just as the case was with Illinois, at no given time was the level of unemployment above the level of property crime. From the graph, it is also clear that there has been a downward trend. Both unemployment rate and crime rate have reduced drastically from 1975 to 2005. For example, the level of property crime rate in 1975 was 5000 while in 2005 was 3200.

Positive correlation between unemployment crime and property crime

This is due to the fact that lack of employment will mean people will not have income for their daily upkeep. Such people will be tempted to resort on property crimes in order to get cash that can sustain them.  Reduced levels of employment will mean many people are able to earn income that can meet their needs. As a result, there will be reduced levels of property crime. This explains why a rise in unemployment will directly lead to an increase in property crime. From the graph also, the levels of property crime was always above the unemployment rate. This means that not all people who indulge in property crime do it because of lack of employment. Other personal factors have a role to play.  Some individuals are born with evil minds where they rejoice when they steal other people’s property. This among other personal related issues may explain why property crime graph was above the rate of unemployment. There were also reduced levels of unemployment rate since 1975. This could be due to the efforts of the government to create more employment for its citizens. The reduced levels of property crime since 1975 can be due to reduced unemployment rates. It can also be due to improved security that is provided by the government.

Buy Custom Relationship between Violent and Property Crime and Unemployment Rate Essay

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