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Research Methods

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Question 1

Experimental Research Question

In my opinion, an appropriate research question that can be used to design an experiment is: Does the content of minerals in the soil affect the rate of growth in plants? In order to answer this question, an experiment would be designed. The experiment would involve the use of similar plants put in different containers with the same type of soil but with varying quantities of minerals. The plants must be placed under similar conditions and environment.

In the experiment, the plants would be put in different containers containing the same type of soil. However, in order to control the quantity of minerals in the soils, three types of water would be added into the containers. In the first container (A), distilled water would be added while in the second container (B), tap water would be added and in the third container (C), salty water would be added. The containers would then be placed under similar conditions and environment so that all the plants have equal access to sunlight required for photosynthesis. Data would then be collected on the rate of growth of the plants by taking measurements at specified time intervals.

In this experiment, the population under study is plants; the independent variable is the quantity or content of minerals in the soil, whereas the dependent variable is the rate of growth of the plants. The causal relationship for this study is the relationship between the quantity of minerals in the soil and the rate of growth of plants. For example, it would be concluded that the rate of growth of plants is directly related to the amount of minerals in the soil.

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Question 2

Biased Questions in Survey Research

In a survey research, a biased question is a question that encourages the respondents to answer the question in a particular way. Most biased questions usually contain leading words or biased terminologies. For my part, a good example of an imaginary biased question in a survey research would be: Many people claim and believe that Pepsi is not a suitable drink for young children, would you give Pepsi to your children? In my view, this question is biased and misleading because it shows that the researcher expects a particular answer from the respondents. Similarly, the use of the words “not suitable” in the question implies that the respondents are being induced or provoked to believe that Pepsi drink is not fit for consumption by children; thus no room is given for the opinions and views of the respondents in relation to consumption of Pepsi drink.

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