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USA Cultural and Jordan Cultural

Buy Custom USA Cultural and Jordan Cultural Essay

Cultural values refer to groups of values that are shared by a society group and are socially acceptable. In the United State, for instance, professional athletes are highly honored than most college professors. This is due to the fact that the society values activities that physically challenge people that those that challenge them mentally. Most of the individuals living in USA would be quite reluctant to elect an atheist as their leader, suggesting that having God’s believe is a different value as to that of Patriotism. In Jordan, religion is highly valued.

The Jordan culture is one that is based on Islamic and Arabic nature. There is also a significant influence of the western culture. The Americans have a more of western culture. In the two there is a great difference in that one is related to and influenced by other culture like the western, Islamic and Arabian elements. The common thing between the two nations is that the two have an influence of the western culture in their moral virtues.

The Americans have a democratic way of ruling whereby they hold general elections after every four years. In Jordan a hereditary monarchial system exists. A sheikh rules the community. The sheikh is chosen depending on the number of children he has, his wealth materials and his ancestry background. The sheikhs are inherited by their sons after their death. The eldest son in his family takes up his ruling chores. This is a very different case  in America, when a president dies the son cannot succeed him rather elections will be held so as to find another president for the country.

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In the United States most people live in the urban areas. There is also limited access to land. Most people value their pets more than a piece of land. There is a trend of the Americans taking their pets out for walk at 7 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM, and 8pm. In Jordan, most people concentrate on acquiring a piece of land.

America is a wealthy nation. Every man strives hard to acquire himself huge amounts of money. Money is the main concern for every person in this country. Most people are pastoralist since the area is a semi arid. They are forced to move from place to another in search of water or pastures for their animals. The Jordan’s believe that it is a taboo to eat using your left hand, for this reason most people eat with their right hand. This is uncommon with the Americans since they eat using any hand one is comfortable with.

Traditional values are those traits and practices that guide the community on how to behave and act. For example, in most countries, girls are not allowed to have sex before marriage. If one is found to have gone against what is expected, then she is counted as one of the out casts. The girl is either not allowed to marry or she is either made to leave the community until she is cleansed. In American, the traditional values are not honored. This is because most people and especially girls are not virgins. Their virginity is broken before marriage. This case is so much different for the Jordan people. For example girls who are not virgins in this country are not allowed to get married. A good example of such a case is the one of holy Mary the mother of God. The lady was noticed to be pregnant even before she got married, her husband to be refused to marry her for this reason. This is a good indication that in this country, the tradition values are highly respected.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the two countries are very much different in terms of their cultural values. This is clearly seen in the great difference the two countries have in their religion, ruling system and lifestyles. This is because what is accepted in one country may be denied in the other.

Buy Custom USA Cultural and Jordan Cultural Essay

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