According to philosopher Bertrand Russell, the human mind has an advantageous position over the minds of animals in that it is capable of constructing ideas that are abstract. In addition, the human mind is better placed in that it’s capable of conducting thoughts that are sensational. This has played a significant role in the idealization of philosophers ranging from Plato onwards. Therefore, a well conceptualized idea should bring out the approximate image perceived. Thus, general, abstract ideas create the greatest difference in terms of understanding between animals and man. Bertrand indicates further that aspect of having a general idea enhances the distinction between man and brutes which the brute faculties will never attain. This is evidenced through observation by the brutes’ failure of using the general signs for purposes of universal ideas. This situation is further enhanced by the brutes’ lack of abstracting faculty and their lack of word use or other obvious, general signs. Therefore, it follows that use of language by men enables them generalize and abstract their ideas. Thus, a word is generalized when it’s made a sign of many specific ideas other than general abstract ideas. This result to the mind getting suggestions those are indifferent. Through the observation of generalizing ideas, the same judgement can also be best applied in the generalization of words. An idea is generalized when it’s given the ability of standing for other same ideas. However, a distinction has to be made between the general and vague ideas. The question to be asked is whether the generalized idea has any particular images compounded in it. It is of importance to note that our images carry with them a lesser or a greater degree of vagueness.

 This is to mean the occurrence of the image could have undergone limited variations without necessarily causing any recognizable variations in the image. Therefore, the arrival at the general image must be contrasted with various precise words or images. Thus, it’s true to utter that intelligence is a progress from indefinite to definite and hence judgement presence is the only instance that can clarify between a vague and a general idea. It is of paramount importance to realize that thinking does not require any sensual presentations or any language for it to take place. This presupposition by Buhler has elicited a lot controversy from other philosophers who argue that there is more to thinking than meets the eye. Thus, for the thinking process to bear fruits there must be total coordination of all the human senses.

Case study: bathroom experience

Initially, I found this case study paper to be difficult to begin analyzing. It was a bit difficult to find something that I could comfortably write about. Moreover, the piece of writing required a problem that I could not figure out. Then an idea struck my head at 10:00pm of July 1st through to the 5th of the same month. Throughout the day, I had been helping my parents move in to their new house by the Shore of Long Beach Island. These 5 days proved to be excruciating and tiring with all the moving and heavy lifting of furniture and other appliances. On a Tuesday night, the 5th of July, I drove back to our old home in Pennsylvania from the shore. I arrived at around 9:30pm and was extremely tired. The first thought that came into my mind was to take a shower.

The shower apparatus frustrated my efforts and will of having a hot shower because I waited for almost 20 minutes with no signs of the water heating up. Nonetheless, I decided to take a cold shower anyway. In the next consecutive days, taking a cold shower became the order of the day. This was partly contributed by my ignorance and stubbornness of not wanting to ring my parents so as to get directions of how to operate the bath tab. The fact that there were no more hot showers made my cold showering moments to be unbearable.

On the fifth day, I decided to try fixing the shower problem on my own. I critically and creatively analyzed how the hot shower system operated as well as trying to identify any anomalies that might have resulted to the systems breakdown. Upon this self questioning session, two possible rectifications to the system were eminent. In the first place, was how to turn on and off the hot water system handles? Secondly, something was in disarray, in the system, and thus was preventing the water from warming up. The first possibility was easily resolved by locating the feeder hot- water pipe and following it all the way to the heater; all the handles were in their right position; therefore, the water flow was not hampered. The completion of this first task made me even more enthusiastic and, my determination in resolving the problem was heightened.

So as, to be in a position to tackle the second possibility, I tried figuring out how a tea pot works in tea warming. This line of thought enabled me to come up with the following guidelines: 1 Get a tea pot. 2 Fill it up with water 3. Put the filled tea pot in the stove. 4. Heat up the tea pot with the stove.

The fourth was the most important in the aid towards resolving my predicament. The heat from the stove plus the water on the pot resulted to hot water. I followed the outlined steps keenly, and my shower problem lessened from a challenge to an adventure. This was a cause for disappointment for it had proved to be a difficult task trying to figure out this earlier on. Thinking that the problem was over, another one of identifying the water heater switching unit for adjusting the desired hotness soon cropped up. After quite a while of tracing and searching, I managed to locate the switching unit. I discovered clear instructions and guidelines on the specified functions carried out the heating system. One of the specifications was a temperature adjuster. Unfortunately, the guideline did not indicate the adjuster’s location. The first reaction was to check the stove top so as to try and locate the adjuster. Unluckily, the adjuster was not there. Not finding the adjuster at the top of the heater made me think harder. Upon further thinking, I realized that the heating system of the stove was located at the bottom just like that of the tea pot. Then I went back to look at the heater, and looked around the bottom of the heater, and there was the temperature adjuster. No sooner had I switched it on, than the water began heating up. This laborious discovery solved my hot shower predicament and without much ado resumed the enjoyment of my hot showers. This got me thinking about the lessons I learned concerning myself and the problem just resolved. I was greatly amused by the reliance given to things that I had experienced before and how fast I came up with a correlation that had to do with my current task and was also critical in its resolution. The realization of how my thought process works made me feel confident that when a problem occurs I will find a way of resolving it.