Out of the rise of the industrial era came many technological developments which have helped drive society into the 21st century but at some cost. Many industries, transportation methods, energy production methods, etc. use fossil fuel and combustion in order to drive themselves. The environment has been largely polluted by one of the byproducts of running off of fossil fuels. Especially in the air, the checmical substances have produced environmental hazards such as smog and acid rain.

Rousseau’s method of philosophical thinking was derived from the principle that man was innately good and lived in harmony with nature. He thought that human corruption came as the result of society which took away an individual’s power. This would be able to explain how the air and other natural resources reached high levels of pollution. This is due to societal pressure which pushed individuals to pursue methods that cause pollution in the value of efficiency rather than that of being harmonious with nature.

The main idea if Rousseau’s theory of power is that no person can have power over another person. In regards to his theories behind being at one with nature, causing pollution to the environment defies man’s right to be at harmony with the environment. In order to facilitate cleaning of the environment and reverse the damage to the atmosphere, people first have to accept the fact that they want to be with nature. People also have to break through the power of the society in order to accept the fact that fossil fuels are damaging the atmosphere and that it is the job of human society to clean up and restore the environment.