Alcohol abuse has been one of the biggest problems that Kenya has been facing for the last several years. The problem is bigger in the developing cities and it is common in young people aged between 10 to 19 years old (Ogot 19). Most of the drinks that the young people consume in this country contain high methanol content. Methanol is a strong chemical since it makes alcohol consumers to become addicts. Youths have become blind because of consuming alcohol. Families have also broken up due to negative effects of alcohol abuse. Kenyan government should consider solving the problem of alcoholism since it is affecting Kenyan citizens.

Alcoholism in Kenya has affected the Kenyan people in several ways. There was an incident in Kenya where about 200 people died after consuming illicit brew containing high methanol content. In addition, over 500 people were hospitalized because of serious health complications. 20 people became blind because of the effects of high methanol content (Willis 3). Kenyans mainly drink alcohol such as spirits, beers, traditional liquor and cheap manufactured liquor. Most people like to consume homemade liquor in this country. Battery acid is sometimes added to the liquor since the brewers believe that this will make them to get more clients. One of the popular homemade liquor is called changaa. This liquor contains high methanol content and its translated meaning is “kill me quick.” Alcoholisms greatly affects the economy of Kenya. Instead of engaging in productive activities, the young people prefer to engage in alcoholism. The most affected area due to alcoholism is Muranga County in Central province. Families have broken up in this area because of alcoholism. In addition, the youth do not engage in economic activities therefore making the economy in this area to lag behind.In Kenya, women are also involved in alcoholism and this also affects them. Although their rate of alcoholism is not as high as that of men, they face a greater health risks. Women alcoholics are more prone to alcohol related accidents, heart diseases, liver cirrhosis and stroke compared to men

Kenya’s government needs to do several things in order to stop alcoholism. One of the key things is putting up proper legislation is limiting the drinking hours during the day (Thairu 2). Moreover, it should empower the judiciary to take action against those who prepare lethal drinks. It should also start programs that would help in reducing the problem of Alcoholism in this country. Rehabilitation programs should also be started in order to help the alcoholics who want to quit alcoholism. In addition, the government can also consider providing job opportunities to the reformed alcoholics (Ogot 24). Campaigns can also be started in order to inform the public about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

To conclude, alcoholism has affected Kenyan society. It has caused youths to turn to drinking illicit brews making them to become blind or die due to harmful effects of methanol. Productive areas such as Muranga are also lagging behind since the youths are spending most of their times drinking instead of building the economy. The government of this country should tighten laws on drinking hours in order to reduce alcoholism. It should also consider starting rehabilitation programs to help alcohol addicts.

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