Art is very important as it plays several significant roles in the contemporary society. There are four major roles of art distinguished by Sayre Henry: 1) it helps people to value and admire the things around them as the artists know how to emphasize the beauty of the world, 2) art is important to remember key historical events, 3) it is one of the means of entertainment and 4) art is the best way of expressing human feelings and considerations. So, the contribution of art to our life is evident.

To my mind, the fourth function of art is the most important. As a rule, people are too busy in their everyday troubles and sometimes they do not notice the beauty of nature and hand-made objects around them. Art is practically the only tool that can make us be more attentive. Artists always manage to notice the things ordinary people are passing by. Moreover, they know how to put them on canvas. This gives them an opportunity to share the beauty they see with other people. Pictures of forests, sky, flowers, and other parts of our nature always inspire to be closer to it and admire the world. Such a feeling is familiar to me after visiting art gallery. When I saw several magnificent landscapes, I understood that I am the happiest person in the world because I live on this beautiful planet that is waiting for us to admire its gifts.

It should be noted that art is really very important as it helps to express human feelings and share them with others in order to inspire, calm down and raise a lot of different feelings in a human soul. It is impossible to imagine human life without art and its significant roles. It gives an opportunity to forget about everything and become closer to nature.