This article incorporates information related to business research, problems in business, and data collection methods used in the research project. It is extremely important to have all the essential information related to these factors. In fact success and failure of any business depends on how well business research and data collection is carried out.

Business research

Business research is a research which is generally executed at the start or running of any business, in simple words, Business research is a systematic gathering of information and analysis of essential data about the issues which are related to business, marketing and services. When business research is carried out at the start, it aims at target customer and competition that business is going to face and if business research is carried out for any existing business then it aims at keeping in touch with customers and their demand.

It includes detailed market information and information of other businesses which provide similar products. Business research is important for success of any business. 


Purpose of business research

It’s very difficult to achieve a marketing success without conducting a fundamental research. Modern business is heavily dependant on this type of research. Results of the research are also important as these businesses need highly reliable research to decide their strategies. To achieve these purposes it is extremely important to have effective research design. Research designs contribute heavily in progress of any business. These designs can vary according to context. Various research designs are available but experimental research design is considered better than the rest.

Business problems under investigation

Business problems under investigation can be described as, dealing efficiently with the problems which generally occur to disrupt smooth journey of any organization. These problems can be associated with organization, people and technology. Problems can occur in departments like sales, marketing, production, and manufacturing. People who are related with these departments should make sure that all orders are being processed correctly and all the related tasks are performed without any error. It is extremely important for success of any organization. To deal with business problems people in concern should help others to understand, cooperate in order to achieve success. This also helps to prevent any misconduct.

Data collection methods used in the research project

Data collection methods are used in order to collect formative and summative evaluation

information. Some methods used for data collection are mentioned below.

(Detangling Data Collection: Methods for Gathering Data)

a) Surveys and questionnaires

Evaluators are responsible for conducting surveys and questionnaires, where information is collected from stake holders, families, community members and administrators. Collected information is often demographic. This method is less time consuming and effective for accessing program information.

b) Focus groups along with interviews

This method is used for detailed qualitative information regarding programs and their perception by stake holders. Interviews are conducted one by one or in small groups.

This method provides comprehensive information in order to see broader picture.

c) Observations

This method is generally carried out by external evaluators. This method is used to verify information gathered by other methods. This method provides detailed information.

Tests and assessments

This method is used for program evaluation in order to quantify characteristics of program and its outcome. This method appears reliable and valid most of the times.

Documents and reviews

This method is used for analyzing existing programs, records and other documents.

It saves loads of evaluation time along with cost.

Data reviews and secondary sources

This method is used to review information which originally wasn’t gathered for program evaluation or documentation. This method is unbiased and saves loads of administrative time and cost.

(Detangling Data Collection: Methods for Gathering Data)

As mentioned above success and failure of any organizations has lot to do with business research and data collection methods, Apple is a prime example of one such successful organization. They are known for their extensive market research, Apple came up with unique ideas like stores for Apple products only and software complimenting to Apple hardware. People can feel the buzz when ever apple product is going to be launched. This happens due to artificial publicity via selective and deliberate leak of information. Apple deliberately spreads news that can help to create hype around Apple product and this can’t be achieved without business research.


One can understand importance of Business research through example of Apple Company which is just mentioned above. It’s hard to believe that share value of company like Apple which was in deep waters few years back, has managed to overtake software giant like Microsoft. Last few years have been dream run for them; all this won’t have been possible without extensive business research.

Business research is extremely important for progress of any business or organization. Business research can be performed for starting as well as running businesses.

Users can opt for various methods for data collection these methods vary according to context. These methods are extremely useful for business research. Information provided in this article will hopefully help readers to understand business research and methods related to it.

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