The number of women suffering from cardiac arrests is on the rise for the last ten years in comparison to the number of men who suffers from the same problem. There are various reasons that are attributed to this state of affairs. The same problem is experienced whereby there is a great cardiac disparity among elderly women.  There are a number of factors that contributes to these state of affairs in elderly women. According to Crane, 2005 these disparities observed after one suffering from Myocardial infarction for six years can be due to level of physical activities that elderly women engage in.

Engagement in physical activity is one of the methods that can be used to manage cardiac arrest/risks in elderly people but most of elderly people cannot participate in physical activities due to fatigue. There is need to study various factors that cause fatigue in different groups of elderly women and how these causes of fatigue acts as a barrier to physical activity which helps reduce cardiac risks in elderly women.

Studies have shown that depression, sleep, body mass, medication and physical are the main factors that cause cardiac disparities in elderly women after suffering myocardial infarction for six years. There are various factors that lead to this state of affairs that deny elderly women opportunity to participate in physical activities that reduces the risk of cardiac arrest. This study will involve studying the behavior of elderly people suffering from depression, taking medication, with different body mass how their levels of suffering from cardiac differ. There is also need to understand how these factors that causes cardiac disparities in elderly women causes fatigue which is one of the major causes of cardiac arrest after myocardial infarction


Descriptive study method is to be adopted for this study. The descriptive study will help in examination of the impact of sleep, age , the index of body mass, medication, physical fatigue, depression and beta blocker in women who are aged 60 years and above after a period of 6 to 10 months after myocardial infarction. The weight and height of the women participating in this study will be measured. The participants will also be required to fill a health form on their medication history, physical activity and comorbidities. The study will include collecting data from the field whereby the participants will be elderly people. The participant will be required to provide accurate information in order to increase the accuracy of the results of the study. Questionnaires will be used as instrument of data collection. All the participants will be expected to fill all the questions that will be contained in the questionnaire and provide accurate information for the completion of this study.

Objectives of the study

This study seeks to investigate various factors that cause cardiac disparities in elderly women.  In the study of cardiac disparities in elderly women there is need to understand how individual factor that leads to the cardiac disparity in each and every elderly woman. The study main objective is to investigate how fatigue causes cardiac disparities in elderly women. Therefore the study aim is to understand the relationship that exists between fatigue and physical activities in elderly women after suffering from cardiac arrest/ myocardial infarction.


The background information provides the reader with information on previous studies that have been carried out on the subject of cardiac arrest in elderly women. The information that I have chosen to be in the background of this study on cardiac disparities in elderly women after MI provides brief information on the factors that causes these disparities and the studies that have been carried out to support the same. I chose to provide this information because its create awareness to the reader of the article what to expect in the over all article.

On the other hand I chose to use descriptive study design for this study because it is the best method of collecting data from primary sources. Given that the study involves collecting data from the field there is need to employ a study design that will help in enhancing the collection and analysis of data from the field.   descriptive study is very useful in analysis of data collected from primary sources of data thereby it suit best in this study as it provides an avenue of analyzing the data that I will collect from the various participant of study. The method of data collection used in this study includes filling of questionnaires. The questionnaires are used in this study because they are the best instruments of collecting primary data in a descriptive study. Questionnaire easy to administer in this study therefore making them more suitable to use in this study, they are also easy to respond to given the group of participants participating in this study it would be appropriate to use a method of data collection that will be easier for the participants to understand thereby proving accurate information that is much needed in these study to address cardiac disparities in elderly women after MI.