War is a situation whereby there is an aggressive competition between two or more countries or groups of people fight against each other over a period of time. Wars are very diverse and it is not easy to say how many wars are going on in the world at the moment (Eckbaull par.1). Wars can arise from different situations. From the largest wars that have ever happened in the world, they can be classified as follows: first is the Hegemonic war or the world war which occurs with the aim of controlling the entire world. Secondly is the Total war whereby one country fights against another state with the aim of replacing the government of that state. Thirdly is the Limited war that is done to achieve certain objective like fights against boundaries. Fourth type is the Civil war is the war between groups of people in the same country. Lastly is the Guerilla war whereby the unofficial armies fight against the official ones.

The First World War that involved most of the countries of Europe, United States of America, African and Asian states brought in great or complete changes in all the aspects of life (Pinkmonkey par1).  It influenced the social, mental and physical life of people. There was a severe loose of human life and property. According to some statistics done, it was estimated that Nine million people lost their lives while twenty nine million people got serious injuries or went missing (Pinkmonkey par2). Some other people died from diseases, cruel killings and famine that were widely spread in the world because of this Great War. In Europe this provided a good atmosphere that stimulated the growth of opposing political parties like the Socialist, Communist, Fascist and Nazi parties that later on gained much political power in Europe.  In Russia there was arising of communism, while authoritarian dictatorships dominated in Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

Economic Consequences of war

War has brought in major consequences on the Economic, political, social life and also on the environment. The economic consequences of war especially in Iraq could bring a disastrous effect on oil prices in the world. This war in Iraq has been stimulated by the presence of oil and this should be debated with seriousness since it has an impact in the economy of the whole world (Cable, par 2). The oil `shocks` is said to be a catalyst for damage of western economies that are highly sensitive on the value of oil at the retail level. The economic damages are due to the absorption of scarce, productive resources during the payment and equipping of professional armies, also providing medical attention and replacement of damaged equipment. There are also disruptions of oil supplies leading to depress demand and raising of oil prices by the importing countries. These effects of the Gulf War on Saudi regime contributed to very low prices of oil that lead to loss of revenue (Cable, par2).

Psychological and Social Consequences of War

Many of the British troops that were sent out to the Gulf were discovered from the research done by the Mental Health Foundation to be suffering from the psychological problems. These solders are known to be involved in drug and alcohol abuse and some have even committed suicide (William par1).  Those who suffered from mental illness are found on the streets and others have been sent to jail because of the effects of the trauma they suffered while in the war. According to William, he said that “many have been suffering from nightmares, disorientation, exhaustion, vomiting and suicidal thoughts…because of the adverse effects faced during the war” (William par 4).

Environmental Consequences

There have been ecological disturbances brought in by war that has lead to environmental degradation (Clausewitz par.1). The burning of oils wells in Iraq and contamination of water by bomb blasts or damage of water pipes by bullets have brought some great impacts on the endangered species. Clausewitz stated that the use of depleted uranium weapons during the Iraq war has brought in some major health risks (par. 3). Degradation of infrastructure and the essential services during the war has brought the negative impacts on the local environment and the public health. The military machines and explosives are known to cause deforestation and have destroyed the natural habitats thus bringing in the disruption of the ecosystem. This has lead to emergence of soil erosion thus immense destruction of food production, availability of water services leading to emergence of hunger in the state.  .


By the end of several wars that took place in the world, there was large scale unemployment and a wide disruption of the usual industrial and economic situation all over the world. The First World War was estimated to have coasted about four hundred billion dollars. More expenditure was incurred during the reconstruction and building of the nation. The use of chemical and biological agents in warfare has been a major cause of environmental and human health destruction. It has been known that the soldiers who were involved in world wars suffered from the posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The world’s political, economical and social trend has been greatly influenced by various wars that have been taking place. There were many new regions and territories that were formed after the first word war. After these wars, many world peace organizations were formed.