The topic of this research is the changes that have occurred in movies over a period of time and how these changes have affected copyrights of movies and music. This topic is important since it shows us how modern technology has affected the revenues of movies and music industry. It also points out the consequences that people charged with the Internet piracy face. This topic is important to everybody in the society since it tries to show us the benefits that we can achieve if we adopt the positive trends of changes in the movie industry. If somebody wants to explore further on this topic, the Internet has many articles relating to Internet piracy issue.

With the introduction of digital revolution, copyright disputes have spawned throughout the world. The question in most people’s minds is whether the Internet sites should allow consumers to download music free of charge. Allows music fans to download music without the need of purchasing the whole album. Recording industries have taken this strategy to court claiming that they go against copyright laws and threaten to erode the economic base of popular music. A Federal Court found guilty of infringement of copyright rights by allowing people to share music. It ordered this site to pay Universal Music Group $25,000 for every label disc that this site had on its server (Jost, 2000). A federal judge in San Francisco found guilty of contributory copyright infringement and ordered it to shut down its operations but the federal appeal court blocked this shut down. Legal suits occur when the movie industry is seeking to shut down “Virtual VCR” which allows people to download TV programs. Motion Pictures has asserted that anyone who sells, acquires, or distributes copyrighted movies should face legal consequences (Jost, 2000).

Huge loses to movie because of piracy

People download movies from the Internet since they feel courts will not hold them responsible for their actions. In contrast to this, film director Jean-Luc Gordad has defended Mr. Climent convicted by French court of downloading thousands of songs from the Internet illegally (Pfanner, 2010). Moreover, he offered him 1000 Euros in an effort of making him meet his legal costs. Climent argues that every citizen has a right of downloading music and thus he has a chance to receive fair trial in other courts across Europe. President Nicholas Sarkozy has installed measures to crack down the Internet piracy. Online pirates downloaded more than 20 million copies of Star Trek movie and Transformers causing Paramount Pictures huge losses. The report by Torrent Freak show that people downloaded 11 million copies of Star Trek and 10.6 million copies of Transformers. This made Viacom studios to reduce its revenues by $ 535 million (Gautham, 2011). Other films that faced losses due to illegal downloads include The Hangover and Twilight.

Russell Sprague pleaded guilty by the District Court of Los Angeles because of posting copies of movies supplied by Academy Awards. He could be sentenced to three years in prison and repay losses to the studio that they incurred because of his postings (Lauria, 2009). According to the Industry Association of America, making copies of copyrighted music is a crime and the court can press charges against a person legally liable for damages (Recording Industry Association of America, 2009). Court rulings have made it clear that it is illegal to upload or download copyrighted music. If you send music to a friend via instant messages, you will be committing a crime of piracy.

There are courts in America that handle illegal downloading of copyrighted sound recordings, images, software, and texts. Newspaper journalists and federal judges conduct this research on a daily basis. It is not a crime to download music from authorized sites. The issues found from the above researchers prove that the Internet piracy has caused huge losses to movie and music industries. These sources are argumentative since they show the various ways that online pirates infringe the copyright laws. The sources are credible and authoritative since they base their arguments on the Federal law and Constitutional rights on piracy. There is no difference in opinion about the sources as they explain how the Internet has affected the movie and music industry because of piracy.

The research process on the effects of illegal downloads on music has been carried out by   several researchers. From this research, I learnt that it is a crime to download music and movies from free sites since it is an infringement of copyright laws. In addition to this, I learnt that movies such Twilight and Hangover made huge losses due to illegal downloads. I was surprised that I commit a crime punishable by law every time I download music from free websites. This topic is complicated than I thought it would be. This is because some researchers have different views on whether people should support free downloads and thus I had to find the most suitable views. Information on decided cases concerning piracy and copyright infringement helped my research a lot. While conducting my research, I missed information on special instances that the law allows a person to post copyrighted material on the internet. I need to investigate further on the statute of federal law on the amendments that have occurred on the Copyrights Act. From the research, I have discovered that the government should set more strict rules to discourage internet piracy. This is because piracy increases since the government is slow on punishing people conducting illegal downloads. Illegal downloading is killing the music and movie industry. The benefits of illegal downloading do not outweigh its dangers.