The art pieces, the novel by Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and the two releases of Blade Runner movie had a significant impact on contemporary society and are considered as one of the most influential works of modern times. The most recent of two release of Blade Runner produced in 2007 by Ridley Scott is in the focus of this essay.

The main issue discussed in the novel and the movie is existence of humans with their artificial copies, i.e. replicants. The movie features intolerant attitude of humans to the replicants, while giving the hint that it is not always clear who is a human and who is a replicant, and what is the real difference between them. Moreover, the movie suggests that the main hero generally perceived as human falling in love with a replicant woman Racheal might be also a replicant who is not aware of his true nature. Neither the movie, nor the book provides the definite answer if Deckard is the human or the replicant leaving the viewer/reader puzzled. Obviously, the authors try to deliver the message that the natural origin is not essential. The nature shouldn’t have impact on once judgment. It doesn’t matter whether Deckard is human or not. His deeds and feelings to Rachel are of importance. The deep feeling of affection between Rachel and Deckard proofs that it is of no significance whether replicants are artificial and different by nature from other humans. The main is that they are able to feel and share their feelings.

Mercerism is the religion that is wide spread between the humans in new Era on the Earth. This religion promotes popular mentality based on the suffering of Wilbur Mercer. This is a man who climbs the mountain while stones are beating him. Spirituality is directly linked with Mercerism. However, this belief apparently doesn’t give the answer to the question whether replicants and humans are equal, and what to do if humans have feelings for replicants and vice versa. The final scene of the movie doesn’t give the explanations of the questions arising during the film. At the same time it makes the viewer think of the meaning of characters’ behavior and build parallels with the life of modern society.