Drug addiction is an over-use of drugs that causes people to become slaves to the drugs. If an individual does not get an appropriate dose, it will make him experience painful symptoms, and it usually leads to negative effects In the society that we live in today, people have been abusing drugs more than ever.

Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction causes considerable behavior changes, and it corrupts our society. Before addiction, an individual experiences tolerance, which later leads him or her to becoming an addict. This type of behavior should be studied so that we can learn ways of helping addicts to stop using the drugs.

Why Do Some People Experience a Drug Addiction?

 People experience drug addiction since they believe that they are deceitful, for example, people with weight problems will subscribe to a drug such as ecstasy with an aim of losing weight. What happens when one uses this drug is that he or she is unable to come out of the behavior and then struggles with addiction problems.

Peer pressure has been noted to be among the leading causes of drug addictions. This is usually amongst people who do most of their things together and would not want to let their friends down by not trying out what their friends do.


In present day, the most popular and the most abused drug is marijuana. According to Myers (2006), marijuana, which has been grown for a long time for the purposes of its fiber, has been abused, and its leaves and flowers used as drugs.  The drug produces a greater effect if it is smoked rather than eaten; it has been proven that this kind of drug gets to the brain exceptionally faster.  Kids that abuse this drug are in most cases high school students. Teenagers are in a greater risk of experiencing peer pressure.

High schools are usually with more drama, and many teens turn to drugs to get away from that because they cannot cope with difficult situations. Since it is a popular drug, many want to try it out either for curiosity, or to be accepted into the crew.  Teenagers that have friends doing drugs feel like they need to do drugs as well in order not to feel left out. In addition, some teens use drugs to show an image that they are the leaders.  Other teens may start using drugs when they have to move away to start life afresh at different schools in order to fit in.

Marijuana has an enormous impact on the brain, and the people that consume marijuana at first are in their teens. The brain has not fully developed, and that will make a person slow, which in turn may have an impact on our next generations that will lead to a corrupt society. Everything starts from marijuana, but when the users do not get the same satisfaction from it anymore, they will turn to other drugs to fulfill their needs. However, some drug addicts just like one which makes them high and want to try another because they tend to get bored from the same drug. Marijuana is a mild hallucinogen type. 

The pleasurable effects that one gets from smoking marijuana are enhanced feelings, highness, and relaxation. The adverse effects of marijuana include impaired learning, increased risk of mental disorders, and lung damage from smoke (Myers, 2006). Some people just do not have the will to either stay on one drug or try to get out of it. The usual next step would be something higher than marijuana, like ecstasy or cocaine.

Ecstasy and Cocaine

As for example from real life, there was a schoolgirl being one of the victims of drug addiction due to her need to lose weight. The girl weighed about two hundred pounds, and after a few months being on drugs, she lost over eighty pounds. Over time, her behavior changed drastically, her grades started dropping, and she began missing school, became extremely aggressive, and was always in need of money. Stimulants, the likes of caffeine and nicotine, excite neural activity and arouse body functionality. People use these substances to stay awake, lose weight, boost mood, or athletic performance (Myers, 2006).

The drugs she became addicted to and that helped her lose weight were ecstasy and cocaine. Ecstasy is a stimulant, and it causes people to lose their appetite, which makes them eat less and, hence, lose a lot of weight. While people are on ecstasy, their behavior changes dramatically, they become hyper active and tend to feel like they are having a blast. These effects make a person want to experience it over and over again, since the “high” lasts for more than four hours.

Cocaine is another stimulant known to create a rush kind of experience to the consumer. This rush result amounts to euphoria that depletes the brain’s supply of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine (Myers, 2006). Cocaine also suppresses appetite causing a person to eat less and become more addicted. When the effects go away after a short while, a person wants more.  Both drugs affect the brain dramatically and cause the user to become a whole different person, in a negative way. The girl’s dreams did come true, but she also got addicted to these drugs; without any help she will not stop taking them because now she is dependent on them.

Some of the effects of drug addictions are school problems, work problems, and family problems. Many people choose drugs to maintain their daily life. Many students use drugs to perform better at school. For example, college students use Adderall, which is known to be “a college student’s best friend”. Some college students take it not knowing the side effects of this drug, and many students do not tend to realize that it damages the brain. Adderall is a type of drug that helps ADHD patients to stay focused. College students abuse this type of drug to pull all-nighters to study a day before a test or to write papers and to help them stay focused on major projects. Some students take Adderall to pay attention in class (Fish, 2005). After a while, these students become dependent on this drug because they feel like they cannot do any type of school work without it. After a while, addiction does creeps in their lives without their notice. 

Work problems can be the other reason for drug addiction.  Some people may work for more than forty hours a week to support their families, and due to so much work they get stressed and overfilled with anxiety. Since some cannot handle all the stress and the anxiety, they turn to drugs for help and relief. Before coming to the realization of problems that have dawned to them in more cases than not, it is too late, and people do not like their behavior change.

Some people become addicted to drugs and get into a habit of missing work more often than normal. This may lead to them losing their jobs or, in other cases, changing them, and at times they just cannot find a stable job. After the use of drugs, employees tend to become more absent from their jobs, their performance in their jobs changes negatively, and they experience significant mood swings, which cause them to get fired from work. When they lose their jobs they become stressed and use this as an excuse to use more and more drugs to make them feel better (Hanson, 2012).

Another group of people use drugs to overcome their insecurities and to make them feel socially confident with others at work. While a person is high, it leads to feeling that doing anything is as easy as a walk in the park, but that is just an illusion. After getting into so much drug abuse, another problem greater than they have experienced will emerge. For example, family problems become as just part of their lives.

First of all, kids usually repeat their parents’ mistakes. Parents do not hide their drug addictions, and since a child is exposed to those types of behavior and actions, it leads them to thinking it is okay to take drugs. Sometimes, kids feel rejected and not loved, so they turn to the world for relief. Most kids end up using drugs at an early age due to them not having the motherly and fatherly love. When those types of kids are on drugs they do not care what is going on around them. Such kids try out stronger drugs like heroin. Some people use drugs with the aim of getting rid of pain in their lives (Fish, 2005). Drugs give them a chance to temporarily feel better, and they cannot resist that high. A lot of kids, who do not receive love and attention that they crave, try to seek for that in any way possible.

Finally, many people experience drug addiction due to peer pressure and try to fit in some sort of group; others experience drug addiction trying to lose weight or due to problems in their everyday lives. Teenagers are highly endangered to become drug addicts. Because of lack of knowledge, some teens do not realize that there is no end to drug addiction, and that is why they are not scared to try it.

Many students, especially girls, may turn to drugs if they are overweight because they seek for acceptance. Others turn to drugs because of problems, stress, and anxiety in their everyday lives. Many kids search for love, and they do not receive it, so they tend to turn to drugs, which leads to drug addiction in processing. There is an explanation to drug use, but factors like the ones mentioned are most common. If we do not study these types of behavior, our society will be in jeopardy.

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