“In any relationship, whether person-to-person or organization-to-person, trust is a key element to keeping things as they should be” (Five Keys to Employee Motivation, 2010). An employer banks on the trust he has on the employee and the employee should do everything possible to rise up to the expectations of the employer.  If an employee is suspected of operating his own private business using a company computer, the employer has every right to conduct an investigation of this employee. During the working hours, an employee should concentrate fully on his profession as the employer is paying for the services of the employer. It is possible for an employee to conduct a private business outside the premises of the employer. But once he reached the office, he should forget about his private business and concentrate fully on the works scheduled to him by the employer. If the employee wants to concentrate more on his private business, he should quit his job rather than trying to manage both the jobs at the same time.

“Employers no longer have the right to treat their employees any way they desire”(Employer and Employee Relationship, n. d). Same way employee also has the responsibility to work for the employer during his working hours rather than exploiting the company resources for his private business. If I was the employer, I will definitely try to confirm the doubt first before taking any actions upon the employee. Once I got solid evidence for the misuse of office equipments for personal gain during working hours, I will call the employee and will issue a warning against repeating the mistake again. In case, the employee repeats his mistake again, I will terminate him from service.

In short, an employee has no right to engage in personal business while working for an employer.