Communication is an act of passing information from one person to another. It is important, therefore, that one ensures that the receiver is in a position to get the message (Balmud, 2008, 47-52).  The feedback one gets from the receiver makes it easy to know whether effective communication has occurred. We communicate during all our life, sometimes even without knowing it. Several obstacles may arise in the process of communication. These include anxiety, lack of preparation, and sexual harassment, among others. Life is full of such situations. Many people will experience such scenarios at least once in a while (Schramm, 1954, 5-15). Most of human beings feel that it is easy to communicate; they are always able to make good communication to the people around them. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Communication needs a lot of preparation (Schramm, 1954, 5-15).  People should be ready to communicate even in very difficult moments. Still, they must never assume that they are able to communicate what they want to. As such, persons should be ready to evaluate the feedback from the recipients.

Description of the Situation

Two years ago, Michael was an audit trainee at Deloitte and Touché. While at this company, the audit assistant trained him on how to conduct vouching and verification of cash and cash equivalent, conduct debtors and creditors circularization, formulate an audit plan and verification, and check whether financial institutions present their financial statement in accordance with the accounting standards. He was to present his audit report on his audit opinion on whether the financial statements of Barclays Bank reflected a true and fair view in accordance with the accounting standard. He was to present his opinion using PowerPoint presentation to the board members of Deloitte and Touché at their branch headquarters. However, he did not present his opinion effectively, since he arrived late at the venue of presentation, and viruses attacked the flash disk that contained his materials.

When he reached the venue of presentation, he was shocked to see all the prominent members of Deloitte and Touché that were to judge his presentation. The branch manager, the financial officer, and the secretary of Barclays Bank were there. Moreover, senior auditor of Deloitte and Touché was also present. He became nervous, since he was 10 minutes late because his alarm had failed to ring. The senior auditor told him to do his presentation, and he inserted the flash disk that contained his presentation materials. Surprisingly, viruses had attacked the files that contained his presentation materials. He became nervous, and he could not put words together to explain to the members of Deloitte and Touché and Barclays Bank what had happened. He finally composed himself and explained to them his situation, and they told him to give them printed reports of his presentation. Sadly, he remembered that he had left them at home. He failed to communicate with the members of Barclays Bank and Deloitte and Touché.

Analysis of the Situation

There several obstacles that caused Michael not to communicate effectively with the members of Barclays Bank and Deloitte and Touché. He had prepared inadequately on the delivery of his report. He did not wake up early on the day of presentation, and this caused him to arrive late at the venue of presentation. Furthermore, he failed to check whether the files that contained his presentation materials in the flash disk were accessible. He also failed to visit his venue of presentation days before he did the actual presentation so that he could estimate the time it would take him to get there to avoid being late. He did not put all his materials together, and that is the reason he forgot the written reports. Moreover, he failed to research on the people that he was to present his report to, and that is why he was shocked when he saw the members of Deloitte and Touché and Barclays Bank. The communication technology that he chose was also an obstacle to his communication process. He chose a flash disk that is easily attacked by viruses. Communication anxiety was also an obstacle that he faced while delivering his audit report to the members present. When he discovered that the flash disk did not contain the materials for his presentation, he became nervous, and it took him a long time before he composed himself and delivered his message.

Solution to the problem

Michael should have done several things in order to ensure effective communication of his audit report to the members of Barclays Bank and Deloitte and Touché. He should have prepared adequately before the date of his actual presentation. He should have first visited his venue of presentation before the actual date of presentation so that he got a rough estimate of the time he would spend while travelling there (Bamlud, 2008). Furthermore, he should have tested his alarm to make sure it functioned appropriately. He should have scanned his flash disk for virus attacks. Furthermore, he should have checked whether the materials were accessible before he went to the presentation venue. Michael should have done research or investigate the members who were to evaluate his report. This would have helped reduce his communication anxiety since he would be familiar with the members. He should have taken a deep breath and tried counting backwards from ten to one in order to calm down. Moreover, he should have considered saving his report in his email address, and thus could have sent his report the members.


Effective communication is far much more important than anything else in the world. To ensure that people get good feedback every time they are passing across any information is of great significance. It is important, therefore, to learn the dynamics of good communication. It is substantial to ensure that people will receive with gladness what others are communicating. It is necessary to realize that poor communication is very expensive. Michael lost an opportunity of being recruited as an auditor of Deloitte and Touché due to poor communication. The easier individuals are able to overcome the obstacles, the easier for them to make progress in effective communication.