“Gangnam Style” is performed by Park Jae Sung, a Korean pop singer.  It is written by PSY for the PSY’s 2012 album “PSY 6”.  This song became the most popular song in July and remains a hit nowadays.  It surpassed over 800 million YouTube hits, which is a great achievement for the singer. The PSY introduced two innovations.  First was its artistic packaging and the second was that lenient copyright.

The song itself created a huge following, many fans tried to imitate their own music video of this song. U.S Navy version was the most impressive for me.  There was a student starring from the U.S. Naval Academy, and the difference between the original MV is that all the performers were wearing uniforms. In comparison to PSY’s suits and ties, uniforms looked effective, and it attracted attention. This MV dazzles my mind and makes me dance.

Being recognized in so many countries, “Gangnam Style” contains itself a lot of universal elements of the general public. For example, beautiful girls, funny stories, and exaggerated satire are present. This is a very easy way to let people from different cultures and different ages join this atmosphere.

The expression “Gangnam Style” refers to the population living in Seoul’s Gangnam district. Of course, a song is a satire. Park Jae Sung uses this neologism in his song to describe luxurious life of people in Gangnam district, the metropolitan area of the wealthiest citizens. Moreover, there are similar expressions in the English language like: “yolo” or “swag”.

The Gangnam style has five syllables. Core rhythm repeats more than 10 times, that makes people excited and involves them into crazy dancing subconsciously. The Gangnam style is by 3.6 second cycle of five syllables repeated four times, but the last part of the song is deftly changed to three. PSY midrange and treble capacity are not very well, but he added ‘Hey~Sexy lady’. Such a broad range of synthetic sound to the song creates the feeling of light stretch. The rhythm of “Gangnam Style” is very appealing and easy to remember. People will remember the tune of the song due to its easy melody and lilt some words, especially the phrase: “Oppa Gangnam style!”- simple and enlightening!

Why do I think the song “Gangnam style” will still have relevance to us in the year 2050?  Historically, “Gangnam style” is the first song able to be recognized in so many countries. Moreover, people of various cultures and ages like it. The reason is not just in the fact that this song was standing on the top-place of “Official UK Single Chart” and American “Billboard” for a long time. It is definitely a hit.

The song became rapidly popular and received support from well-known singers and musicians in Twitter such as Robbie Williams, T-Pain and Josh Groban. Furthermore, after some time U.S and Korean news spread a rumor that Justin Bieber showed interest in the song and singer. They presumed even mutual cooperation between the performers. Such attention again exploded the interest of people. Finally, on September 20 the Guinness World Records recognized the song as the best and most liked video on YouTube.

The question “Why is it a hit” is simply answered: people all over the world like it and are ready to dance and sing together at “Gangnam Style”. The proof of that is that the song broke lots of world records, which are difficult to break. Furthermore, if a song has many parodies and imitating music videos in the Internet, it is a definite fact that people are involved in this crazy process.