For a couple of decades, gas has been a form of fuel that is used in most households either for cooking or lighting. All the same, many factors are considered before deciding on whether to purchase this product or not. The price of this product is much higher compared to the prices of other fuel products. As a matter of fact, this will be one of the reasons as to why anyone may choose another product like charcoal or paraffin instead of gas. Personal income, on the other hand, really limits and determines what one will purchase during his/her shopping spree. One has to ensure that he or she has enough money to cover all the necessary expenses. Therefore, most people choose to buy cheaper products over the expensive ones. One’s age and gender also affect what one will purchase in most cases. Women are more involved and dedicated to household chores than men. Thus, women will mostly go for products which are more applicable, fast cooking, and durable like gas so as to be in a better position to manage all their activities.

When choosing what product to purchase, one is expected to consider having a shopping budget, which should guide them on what to buy and how much money one wishes to spend. With this, one will be able to choose a product which lies in his/her budget limit. One should also check whether he/she is spending more money than what he/she can actually afford. Most people receiving low wages will not manage to buy gas products since their income will not allow them to meet all their needs if they give gas the first priority. Gas prices have a tendency of hiking; this can limit people from using it. This is because most people will be not able to purchase it when prices are high.

Another factor that limits people from buying gas is the location of one’s residence. People living in local areas like villages will prefer to use firewood for their cooking since it is easily available and costs much less. This will be different for those living in urban areas since firewood is not easily available there and paraffin is much costly since purchasing it daily will be quite expensive compared to buying a gas cylinder, which will last for about a month or so.

Environmental concern is another factor people consider as they are deciding on which fuel material to use. Firewood is a common material which is acquired through cutting down trees. This in turn will result into many forests being damaged as people are fetching firewood for their cooking facility. As a result, the environment is polluted a lot. To help stop environmental pollution, people aware of the effects of living in a polluted environment settle down for gas since it is easily accessible, durable, and more environmentally friendly (United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, 2006). This will prevent them from globalization that may cause much problems and poverty, which they were trying to avoid when using less expensive firewood.

Age and gender of a person also affect the choices they will settle for as their fuel and lighting options. The youths would most likely go for gas for their cooking, unlike old women and men who would choose to have firewood as their cooking fuel. Firewood is a choice of most old people due to the fact that it is cheap and can also be used to warm houses when it is cold. Youngsters are not interested in the warmth provided by firewood; neither could they stand the smoke produced while using firewood. Women are also noted to be purchasing gas more than men due to their gender roles, which state out the cooking role as their responsibility. Men are mostly known to have their meals from restaurants so as to avoid finding themselves in the kitchen if they are not married or when the wife is not available.

Other communities believe that gas is more likely to cause external fire; thus, they choose other fuel products. They also have cultures which limit them to using fire since it was what their fore fathers used for cooking and lighting. Technology will also contribute too many deciding to purchase gas so as to move with the current time.

The social class is another factor contributing to customers’ decision ti purchase gas as their heating, lighting, and cooking fuel. The rich will definitely go for the posh items which will make other people recognize and notice them. Gas is quite expensive to purchase, but those in the rich class will bear the cost and spend the money since it is available in large quantities. They also have to buy what the other people in the class are using so as to be equal to them.

Warrants are issued after purchasing an item. This is an assurance that a commodity is good, and if not, one can refund it or exchange it for another product. Firewood has no warrant at all, the same is with paraffin. One can buy firewood only to find it being wet, which would not allow using it at the moment. This will make them wait until the wood is dry so as to use it. One cannot go back to the supplier to complain about the condition(United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight, 2008). When one buys a gas cylinder, a warrant is issued, meaning if this cylinder is leaking or malfunctioning, one can have it exchanged with another. This factor is highly considered when purchasing this commodity.

The urgency of a commodity will also highly contribute to the choice made by the consumers. The cases like the one of finding that firewood is not ready for use can force one to purchase gas since they need to cook yet what they normally use is not available. With or without firewood, people will still need to have food to survive. Therefore, they will have to look for another alternative, whereby gas can be the next option. 

In conclusion, we can contend that despite gas being a reliable form of fuel, its price alongside other factors hinders many people from enjoying it. For this reason, many choose other fuels for their cooking and lighting. One should check his/her budget before purchasing a commodity. This will help in ensuring that we do not spend more than we can afford.