The article speaks about harnessing the power of the mind with regard to imagination. The basic idea is that there is great power in anticipating the future because it enables us to simulate challenges that might be encountered. Furthermore, simulation of situations using our power of imagination enables us to design defense mechanisms for situations that we cannot evade and have to deal with. This is evidenced by the provision of various characteristics of mental imaginations as a way of explaining that they have nothing to do with magic, but obey the rules of reality. Examples are provided where mental imaginations are commonly used. For instance, when athletes anticipate future competitions they can feel movements in their muscles just by imagining. Mental imaginations have the capacity of evoking emotions. Therefore, there is a need to formulate healthy coping strategies.


The power of the mind has been an intriguing aspect in science as there is the general acceptance that this power is unlimited. Central to the power of the mind is imagination based on the ability of the mind to wander outside the confines of the physical body. Mental imaginations are actual happenings that people experience from time to time although mostly subconsciously. In depth analysis reveals that mental imaginations allow persons to escape from the current events to future events and that in between there is a possibility of making accomplishments. For instance, an athlete can feel muscles move just by imagining that the muscles are already working, is a strategy that is used to prepare the muscles earlier enough and the process avoiding stress. Students also use the same strategies while studying to ensure that they cover as much portion of the course as they can, in preparation for examination. This is done by imagining the questions that might be set. Therefore, mental imaginations have a great potential that can be tapped to maximize the utilization of our brains.